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The ages have been kind to Cappadocia (Hittite for ‘land of beautiful horses’). Because of the particular mineral composition in the rock, mountains have been eroded into monoliths, valleys and chimneys. People have lived there, amongst the caves and crannies, ever since mammoth skins were the latest must-have fashion accessory. In renovated cave dwellings, The Museum Hotel houses the owner’s collection of Ottoman, Persian and Roman antiques and artifacts - hence its name. They are currently constructing a ‘thermal well’ and there are plans to heat the hotel using the heat of the earth. In keeping with the eco theme, all your food is organic and produced in the hotel’s own gardens which you can explore at your leisure. Solar power is used extensively, taking advantage of the great climate. Spa treatments and massage are available as are Turkish cooking lessons and the chance practice your golf on their driving range. All that with the chance to experience the history of this ancient and unique region. Lovely.

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