Alila Wuzhen - Minimalist Perfection In A Historic Chinese TownAlila Wuzhen  

Alila's third and newest hotel in China is located in the historic town of Wuzhen that's often referred to as the Venice of the East. It lies between three megacities - Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai – each has a population of over 10 million. The scenic town is famous for its ancient stone bridges, stone pathways, wooden carvings, canals, and traditional architecture. Alila Wuzhen has taken the challenging job to create a hotel fitting this unique urban environment. They hired the Chinese firm GOA that has an extensive history in local hospitality developments.

The hotel uses water surfaces to create reflections mirroring the stark edges of the buildings – just like the canals in the old town. But unlike the richly decorated carved wooden houses of Wuzhen, Alila took a minimalist approach. It's essentially the 21st-century version of the historic town with an enhanced focus on the visual game of stone, wood, and water surfaces. The outcome is a breathtakingly beautiful design.

One hundred twenty-six suites are spread across the buildings connected by small bridges and canals reminiscent of the ancient water town. There is also a 9-bedroom stand-alone residence for a large family or special occasions. The architecture is targeted to perfectionists that like every detail to be spot on. Every corner of the hotel's premises offers unique photo opportunities, especially the centrally located artificial lake. The reception area, the spa, and one of the restaurants and the bar encompass this remarkable pool of water.

Type: Design
Location: Wuzhen  China  East Asia
Alila Wuzhen Hotel Reflective Artificial Lake
Alila Wuzhen Exterior
Alila Wuzhen Staircase
Alila Wuzhen Shui Shi Kou Restaurant
Alila Wuzhen Hotel Interior
Alila Wuzhen Villa
Alila Wuzhen Villa Bedroom
Alila Wuzhen Bathroom With Window
Alila Wuzhen Suite
Alila Wuzhen Suite Bathtub
Alila Wuzhen Bedroom
Alila Wuzhen Bathroom
Alila Wuzhen Self-Standing Bathtub
Wuzhen Ancient Town
Wuzhen Walk
No. 939, Ziye East Road, Wuzhen Township, Wuzhen, 314501 Tongxiang, China