AlpenGold Hotel - The Golden Pinecone Of DavosAlpenGold  

Since 1971 when Davos first hosted the World Economic Forum, the Swiss town has become a hotspot for winter sports and hiking lovers surrounded by stunning Alpine scenery.

Hoteliers saw the immense potential early on, and Davos attracted some of the biggest brands in the world, with luxurious offerings that are appropriate for the high-class Swiss standards and the unique Alpine setting.

The AlpenGold Hotel, formerly InterContinental, opened in 2013 and quickly gathered international fame thanks to its unusual architecture.

Type: Design   Luxury

The design hotel in the Grison Alps has 216 rooms serving business and holiday-maker clientele. It's located at an altitude of 5,250 feet (1,600 meters) at the height of Lake Davos, and it offers hikers and skiers a perfect starting point.

AlpenGold Hotel Davos Winter Panorama

Some refer to it as the golden egg, and some as the UFO of Davos. But one thing is for sure; You cannot miss the unique structure of this hotel, managed by Michel Reybier Hospitality.

AlpenGold Hotel Snowy Building

Oikios, the Münich-based architect firm of the hotel, was inspired by the local pinecones when designing the striking facade of the building.

AlpenGold Hotel In Summer

If you look closely, you start seeing the 800 gold-colored steel panels of the facade reminiscent of the pine trees seed-bearing organs.

AlpenGold Hotel's Pinecone Inspired Golden Facade

Three decades after the World Economic Forum became a vital part of Davos, the AlpenGold Hotel supports the prestigious annual meeting every January.

World Economic Forum Hall At The AlpenGold Hotel
AlpenGold Hotel Lounge

The hotel has four dining options: Sapori, Cheese Factory, Nuts & Co., which is a Lounge Bar with an all-day dining menu, and La Muña.

AlpenGold Hotel Nuts And Co

The top-floor La Muña restaurant serves a daring hybrid of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in an elegant black and gray interior with a fantastic Alpine panorama.

AlpenGold Hotel La Muna

Sapori is a light-filled Italian restaurant for classic comfort food lovers.

AlpenGold Hotel Sapori

The Mini Club is a fun zone for kids with uniquely designed life-size toys.

AlpenGold Hotel Mini Club - Fun Space For Kids

Swiss luxury is apparent every step of the way. The floors are cozily heated, so your frozen toes get a warm welcome after a long skiing session.

AlpenGold Hotel Suite Living Room

They even thought about keeping your valuables in style while you are on an outdoor adventure. In each room, you will find a handmade leather jewelry box.

AlpenGold Hotel Suite Bedroom

The rooms have private balconies with a spectacular panorama of the Alpine valley, and you can enjoy the same view through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

AlpenGold Hotel Room
AlpenGold Hotel Bathroom

The 17,222 square feet (1,600 square meters) Spa Nescens has in and outdoor pools, a sauna and steam room, 14 treatment rooms, and a modern gym if you still have the energy to work out after spending the day on the ski slopes.

AlpenGold Hotel Nescens Spa Hot Tub

The treatment rooms are ready to spoil you with hot herbal massages, eucalyptus baths, and detoxifying mineral wraps. Each session involves the use of locally sourced lavender and chamomile.

AlpenGold Hotel Nescens Spa Indoor Pool
AlpenGold Hotel Swimming Pool
Baslerstrasse 9, 7260 Davos, Switzerland