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Location: Borobudur  Indonesia  Oceania
Amanjiwo In Borobudur - Surreal Buddhist Sanctuary In JavaAmanjiwo  

Amanjiwo, which translates to “peaceful soul”, is perched above the amazing site of Borobudur, the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world. Located on the most important island of the Indonesian archipelago, Java is the heart of Indonesian culture and commerce. Far removed from the chaos of Jakarta, Amanjiwo can be reached via Yogyakarta or Solo with a complimentary hotel transfer.

Set in the midst of a natural amphitheater, Amanjiwo is surrounded by the Menoreh Hills and four volcanoes. It also offers the perfect vantage point of Borobudur, the 9th-century Buddhist sanctuary that has been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The design and architecture of the resort reflect the traditional motif of these ancient temples, incorporating several geometric designs throughout the grounds.

In addition to the seclusion and tranquility, Amanjiwo also offers guests a full cultural immersion. In addition to the traditional décor, the restaurant depicts murals inspired by the Hindu epic Mahabharata and classic Javanese cuisine. The library is filled with books and audio recordings in various languages and often features guest speakers. The art room features the work of local artists and sessions with the resident artist. Featured spa services allow you to experience the same treatments and preparations of Javanese royalty before their wedding ceremony. You can also purchase handmade mementos in the boutique to share your experiences with loved ones. The concierge can also arrange for several excursions to surrounding temples, archaeological sites, and villages for you to further explore the island's cultural traditions.

The overwhelming serenity and splendor are sure to make a lasting impression upon every guest who makes the trek to Amanjiwo.

Amanjiwo aerial
Amanjiwo lobby building at night from the outside
Amanjiwo view from lobby
Amanjiwo Rotunda Bar
Amanjiwo dining room
Amanjiwo library
Amanjiwo pool suite buildings
Amanjiwo pool suite exterior
Amanjiwo pool suite bedroom
Amanjiwo pool suite view
Amanjiwo suite bedroom
Amanjiwo suite with pool
Romantic outdoor sunken tub
Amanjiwo honeymoon setup
Amanjiwo dining terrace
Amanjiwo terrace
Amanjiwo Dalem Jiwo Suite
Amanjiwo swimming pool
View of Borobudur
View from Amanjiwo
Amanjiwo - Elephant Ride
Ds. Majaksingi, Borobudur, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
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