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Welcome to UniqHotels.com! These Terms and Conditions (“ToC”) are here to provide you with the rules and regulations for use of this website. Any visitor to UniqHotels.com agrees to abide by the ToC during his or her time on this website. The owner of UniqHotels.com, Dawera Development Ltd. (“Company”), reserves the right to alter the ToC at any time, for any reason. Please refer to this documentation before creating an account on UniqHotels.com and using its services. If you do not agree by these terms, please do not visit this website. 


  1. Ownership and Copyright

  2. Visitor Regulations

  3. Account Registration

  4. Liability

  5. Information Use / User Privacy 

    Ownership and Copyright

This website, UniqHotels.com, is owned and operated by Dawera Development Ltd. (“Company”). The Company owns the rights to the UniqHotels.com name and domain and the content contained within, online and offline, unless specifically stated otherwise. We retain ownership of all materials – articles, videos, photographs, graphics, etc. – contained on UniqHotels.com, unless stated otherwise. We will publicize the owner of any copyrighted material used on this website. 

  1. Visitor Regulations

    We appreciate your visit with us at UniqHotels.com! By visiting our website, you agree to abide by the ToC outlined in this documentation. These ToC apply to all visitors, whether or not they agree to register an account with this website.

    One major function of this website is allowing users to comment on articles, photographs, and other works posted on UniqHotels.com. We welcome and appreciate all comments and encourage your participation; however, we do not allow any discriminatory, inflammatory, provocative, slanderous, libellous, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate language (as determined by the Company) in any comment placed on this website. We also do not allow language that is misleading or deceptive. The Company bears no responsibility for the content of the comments made on this website.

You, as a visitor, also agree not to copy any material (articles, videos, photographs, text, designs, graphics, etc.) contained on the website without written permission from the Company or the copyrighted owners of the material. 

  1. Account Registration

    We encourage all of our users to create accounts to participate in the community here on UniqHotels.com and make insightful comments about the material contained on this website (and have fun, of course!). Your log-in information for your social media application of choice (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) will allow you to participate in the UniqHotels.com community and make comments accordingly.

By registering, you acknowledge that your use of this site is governed by the ToC and the Company, who reserves the right to restrict access to this website to anyone, for any reason, at any time. 

At this time there is no charge to use this website; users may register and visit as they please, in accordance with the ToC.

  1. Liability

    Any consequences that result from your use of the information and materials contained on UniqHotels.com are not the responsibility of the Company. The Company claims no liability for your use of this website, nor do we claim liability and responsibility for any third-party content shown on this website or linked to from this website.

    The Company also bears no liability for any inappropriate, slanderous, or libellous comments made by users of UniqHotels.com. We reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason and will do so upon notification of said comment’s existence, should the comment violate the ToC of this website as determined by the Company.

  2. Information Use / Privacy Policy 

While visiting or registering an account on UniqHotels.com, you may be asked to submit certain items of information, including but not necessarily limited to your name, email address, and mailing address. You will also be prompted for your log-in information (user name and password) for Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ when posting a comment on this website. At UniqHotels.com, we believe in protecting your privacy and are dedicated to making sure your personally-identifiable information is kept confidential. This means we will not allow third parties to access your information unless necessary for the operation of this website. Please refer to the Privacy Policy located here for more pertinent information. 

The Privacy Policy is designed to explain to you exactly how we use your information, store it, and collect it. Be sure to read the Privacy Policy in addition to these ToC before moving forward. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the ToC, you are more than welcome to contact the Company at the information provided below. A representative will reply promptly. Thank you for your visit to UniqHotels.com!

Mailing Address: info at uniqhotels.com 

Last Updated: December 20, 2021