Amansara - Luxury Resort Housed In King Sihanouk’s Former Guest ResidenceAmansara  

Located in Cambodia, this luxury resort is housed in King Sihanouk’s former guest residence from 1962.

Rooms at the Amansara are open and spacious, letting in plenty of light through floor-to-ceiling glass doors; it’s not surprising that this has been a longtime destination for the world-famous.

Dark wood furniture and white decorations, with Cambodian products peppered throughout, complete the 24 open-plan suites.

Twelve of these suites include private plunge pools! Rumor has it that suite 4 offers the most extensive courtyard for guests to enjoy.

While a luxury resort, the Amansara is not showy or glitzy. Instead, the more modern fixtures subtly complement the intricate architecture, leaving an overall feeling of tranquility.

Amansara Resort with Vintage Mercedes

Amansara Resort Siem Reap is close to shops, dining, and Siem Reap's nightlife.

Amansara Resort Green Corridors

There is also a lovely spa where guests can try a traditional Khmer mask to stimulate the senses. This resort allows guests to feel as if they are in a house all their own, with a bonus of pampering.

If all this relaxing has you hungry, enjoy a meal in the resort’s sleek, circular restaurant, once used as the king’s screening room.

Dishes like the banana blossom chicken salad, quail egg soup, and black sticky rice with mango all use the very best local ingredients. Choose between other Khmer favorites such as fish amok curry or Western prawn risotto.

Amansara Resort Dining Room

Most communal areas include large outside spaces, with sunrise yoga sessions offered for those who truly wish to connect with nature.

Amansara Resort Courtyard

Amansara Resort Pool Suite

Amansara Resort Courtyard Suite

Amansara Resort Aman Spa Pathway

Amansara Resort Pool

Amansara Resort Pool Reflections

Amansara Resort Spa Lounge

Amansara Resort Spa Bathtub

Amansara Resort Main Pool

Amansara Resort Swimming Pool Loungers

Amansara Resort Roof Terrace

Amansara Resort Khmer Village House

Amansara Resort Twilight Dinner

Amansara Resort Patio

Amansara Resort Massage

Amansara Resort Terrace Dinner

Amansara Resort Veranda

Amansara Resort Jeep Safari

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