Artist Hotel - A Boutique Hotel With BootyArtist  

Every floor, room, and suite in this hotel has site-specific artwork designed by a contemporary Israeli artist. The pieces cover a range of mediums from sculpture to video. All the furniture is designed in the retro style and every hallway features original artwork that sets the tone for the floor before you enter your room.

Some rooms hang their art on the wall while others house free-standing sculptures. Expect to find colored pencils and art materials in your room. Whether or not you are allowed to use the art supplies to “do art” on the walls of your room, I cannot discern, but I’m sure you could make an argument for it. There is a library and hub with free wifi where you will find a young multicultural crowd and there is a lovely hullabaloo on the shaded patio where you can take your coffee or evening drinks. There is free bicycle hire too.

Type: Design
Location: Tel-Aviv  Israel  Middle East
Artplus Hotel lobby
Artplus Hotel library dining
Artplus Hotel green dining
Artplus Hotel green corridor walls
Artplus Hotel wall art
Artplus Hotel corridor art
Contemporary art at Artplus Hotel
Artplus Hotel room
Retro design furniture
35 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv, 63807, Israel