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Sul Mare

No-one goes to galleries to view art these days. In fact, everyone who takes art and design seriously knows that to truly appreciate art you have to live with it. But even if we can afford the best art, we can only choose to live with a few select pieces. Most of us don’t have the room or the money. That is where the Art Hotel comes in.

The good people at Atelier Sul Mare have some of the most tasteful pieces of contemporary art and design on rotation in their rooms, suites, and restaurants. So you can be guaranteed to have a real cultural experience when you stay there. Not only are all the rooms incredibly designed but there is a sculpture park too - just check out these amazing photos…

The hotel encourages you to change rooms so you can experience all the different rooms which is incredibly thoughtful. The theme of water is prevalent throughout and the beach is right next door so that makes sense.

Type: Art   Beach
Atelier Sul Mare
Atelier Sul Mare dining
Atelier Sul Mare wall design
Il Nido
Atelier Sul Mare room
Atelier Sul Mare Energy room
La stanza del mare negato - Fabrizio Plessi
Golden room
Room with balcony
Arabic script on the wall and sea view from the room
Via Cesare Battisti, 4, 98070 Castel di Tusa, Messina, Italy