Axis Viana - Creative Architecture In A Portuguese Heritage TownAxis  

If you’re a design freak, you will love every bit of Axis Viana Hotel. The unique and elegant shape of the building is just the beginning of an aesthetic feast. Minimalism rules here from start to finish, and you will find that all interiors are sleek, modern, and consistent.

The rooms are luxurious and straightforward, with no unnecessary detail. Here, every element has a purpose and works within the whole concept. Unlike in most hotels, here you only have two choices: a double room with or without the view—a total no-nonsense affair.

The black and white décor might not give you the holiday feel, but don’t worry. Axis Viana is just 10 minutes away from the beach and 5 minutes from the historic center of Viana do Castelo. The location is perfect for enjoying a mixture of sunbathing by the Atlantic, sightseeing in a charming Portuguese town, and enjoying the lush landscapes of the Lima River. Of course, if you’re feeling lazy, you can always hit one of the two hotel pools or head to the spa for a relaxing massage. No need to go minimalist on the holiday fun!

Axis Viana Business & SPA Hotel Creative Facade
Axis Viana Hotel Building
Axis Viana Reception
Axis Viana Lounge
Axis Viana High-Ceiling Interior
Axis Viana Piano
Axis Viana Dining Hall
Axis Viana Sleek Staircase
Axis Viana Room
Axis Viana Hotel Bedroom Overlooking Viana Do Castelo
Axis Viana Hotel Concrete Minimalist Indoor Pool
Axis Viana Hotel Spa Pool
Axis Viana Hotel Outdoor Pool
Axis Viana Hotel Pool Loungers
Axis Viana Hotel Aerial
Av. Cap. Gaspar de Castro 866, 4900-462 Viana do Castelo, Portugal