Yooma Urban Lodge Bruxelles - Chic And FunYooma Urban Lodge  

Take a swill pill in this fragrant pit of chic. Yes, this 1920s building has been refurbished into one of the world’s most desirable boutique hotels. The interior has been decorated to exacting standards using monochromes and reflective steel to create an impression of living inside a sexy chessboard.

Throughout the hotel are photographs by Carol Kohen of sixty anonymous figures – they are classy photos, like in catalogs, but classier. A wellness room and a discreet lounge bar open out onto a massive roof terrace with a wooden floor, couches, and relaxation spaces. The 70s-inspired business lounge contains a library, so you can read a book by the fireplace with a green tea or cocktail if you don’t intend to remember any of what you are reading. The restaurant serves a fusion of "Eurasian Gastronomies" and local delicacies, while the obligatory cocktail bar is funky to the max.

Type: Design
Hotel be Manos
be Manos design hotel
be Manos lounge
be Manos colorful furniture
be Manos dining room
Photos of people on the doors
be Manos photo doors
be Manos room
be Manos suite
be Manos room with bathroom
Hotel be Manos room
be Manos bathroom
be Manos executive suite
be Manos balcony
be Manos building
be Manos rooftop terrace
Square de l'Aviation 23, 1070 Bruxelles Anderlecht, Belgium