Blakes Hotel - World’s First Luxury Boutique HotelBlakes  

Blakes Hotel is the only choice if you want to stay in the world’s first-ever luxury boutique hotel, established in 1978 by the famous designer Anouska Hempel.

It is unique because it was the first of its kind and takes you on an adventure through India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, and Italy without ever having to leave the heart of London.

Every room is fully furnished with period furniture from their corresponding countries that Anouska Hempel herself collected on her travels.

The rooms are also decorated with artifacts and art, making the experience truly unique.

The hotel restaurants and bars are also very popular with the fashionable crows in London and are frequented by celebrities and the fabulously wealthy.

While many people think that the décor of Blakes Hotel is eccentric and erratic, oddly enough, it seems to fit together well and really adds an air of nostalgia and authenticity to the experience.

Type: Design   Luxury
Location: London  England  West Europe

Blakes Hotel is the ultimate modern luxury that London has to offer.

The hotel is dark, old-fashioned, sensual, and glamorous, just like its striking black facade.

The beautiful Victorian mansion is located in a quiet area of ​​South Kensington, just over 10 minutes from central London's museum district.

Blakes Hotel building exterior

The hotel is popular among movie stars, musicians, and top designers fascinated by its timeless styling and rich interiors.

Blakes Hotel check-in
Blakes Hotel Chinese Restaurant
Blakes Hotel restaurant
Blakes Hotel rich design

Each room has its own style and interior, but all rooms are inspired by the colors, art, and culture of different countries

Blakes Hotel Asian-theme room
Blakes Hotel bathroom

There are various types of rooms and suites: from Parisian rooms to Director's Double and the so-called Private Residence.

Blakes Hotel living room

Each room is elegant and romantic, decorated by Anouska Hempel.

Blakes Hotel room and bathroom

Special attention is paid to every detail, every color, and the overall atmosphere.

Blakes Hotel signature suite
Blakes Hotel red room
Blakes Hotel signature room
Blakes Hotel courtyard
33 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PF, United Kingdom