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Rogner Bad Blumau - Bonkers Design Hotel By Hundertwasser
Rogner Bad  

You can find the Blumau Hotel in the clear green hillsides of South-Eastern Austria. It is a unique wellness and design hotel. Some blogs have dubbed it “the world’s largest habitable work of art”. Designed by Austria’s most famous contemporary artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the Blumau Hotel was designed to unleash your imagination. Hundertwasser believed that straight lines work against nature and purposely designed the hotel to undulate and flow just like the shapes you find in the natural world.

The roof is made of grass and there are even trees twisting through the floors. The hotel, is, in essence, a thermal bathhouse where traditional spa treatments sit alongside modern and Eastern practices. There is a water-landscape with sweetwater and thermal pools. Spend half a day exploring the range of saunas. Then recharge or work-out at the health-center. Finish up by taking a relaxing walk through the amazing green grounds.

Hundertwasser hotel
Golden dome on Rogner Bad Blumau
Rogner Bad Blumau reception area
Rogner Bad Blumau cafe
Rogner Bad Blumau Hundertwasser style corridor
Rogner Bad Blumau beauty reception
Vulkania spa
Hundertwasser hotel interior
Rogner Bad Blumau hotel room
Rogner Bad Blumau room
Rogner Bad Blumau studio
Rogner Bad Blumau room with golden dome view
Rogner Bad Blumau swimming pool
Vulkania thermal water
Nice looking girl in the pool of Rogner Bad Blumau
Rogner Bad Blumau pool at night
Bad Blumau 100, 8283 Bad Blumau, Austria
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