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Buubble - Aurora Bubble Hotel in Iceland

Dubbed the “5 Million Star Hotel”, it’s easy to see why the Aurora Bubble is worth a visit. Guests can experience the beauty of nature, all from inside the comfort of a literal see-through bubble. Whether you choose to sleep under five million stars in the winter, or summer, all five Aurora Bubbles are fit for all times of the year.

Bubbles include a bed and heat (during the winter) and...that’s pretty much it. Need to use the bathroom? Don’t worry! Access to a nearby small house is included and has a toilet, shower and kitchen for guests to use. Worried about wildlife? I mean, this is the assured, bubbles are in a private farming/forest area and visitors need not worry! Just lay back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view above.

Would you like to know where you can stay in one of these bubbles?’s kind of a secret. According to the website, “...given the nature of our specialty lodge, we do not provide the exact address of our bubbles until after you have booked.” However, they do disclose that it’s a little over an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, Iceland.


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Snowy Stairs in the Forest in Iceland
Buubble at night
Aurora Bubble Hotel Lights Up
Aurora above the Bubble Accommodation
Aurora Bubble
Aurora Bubble Hotel Bed
Aurora Bubble Hotel Interior
Snowy Iceland
Aurora Bubble Hotel in the Summer
5F8X+2G Reykholt, Southern Iceland, Iceland
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