Cavo Tagoo Mykonos - Incredible Cave PoolsCavo Tagoo  

‘You do not find yourself. You create yourself’ is the optimistic philosophy of this hotel. Owner and award-winning architect, Paris Liakos wanted to create a blank canvass for his guests. So they would have the freedom to create their own experience. When he started the hotel, his canvass was bare with rocks and water. But these two elements he fused together to create a hotel to complement its stunning setting.

Your room or villa has a Jacuzzi, balcony, and infinity pool with views of the sea. The spa has a range of modern and indigenous treatments and is located not far from where the god Apollo sprung from the waters of the Mediterranean. I imagine you will be making a similar exit from the spa pool. Café Del Mar chic colors Tagoo’s lounge and bar like its gentle mood lighting and rambunctious cocktails.

Make sure you book in advance for your skillfully prepared Greek meal at the hotel’s famous restaurant. The setting, on the island of Mykonos, will provide you with much history to explore and sights to see. Lovely.

Type: Beach   Luxury
Location: Mikonos  Greece  East Europe
Cavo Tagoo and the rocks of Mikonos
Cavo Tagoo facade
Cavo Tagoo swimming pool at night
Cavo Tagoo dining on the terrace
Cavo Tagoo lobby
Cavo Tagoo design room
Cavo Tagoo room with sea view
Elevated bed
Cavo Tagoo white room
Cavo Tagoo white room with red furniture
Cavo Tagoo leisure room
Cavo Tagoo white room with blue furniture
Cavo Tagoo blue room
Cavo Tagoo room with terrace to the sea
Cavo Tagoo private swimming pool
Cavo Tagoo swimming pools
Swimming pool with floating bed
Swimming pool at night
Ornos, Cavo Tagoo, Tagoo 84600, Greece