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Chateaux Dans les Arbres - Castles In The Trees
Dans les Arbres

We all dreamed of hidden castles in trees when we were whippersnappers and here is the dream realized: a mini castle in a tree can be yours. There are a number of intricate designs to choose from, each lovingly crafted by master treehouse builder, Remi who drew inspiration from the fairy-tale spires of nearby chateaus and copied them right to the footbridges and inner courtyards.

Your treehouse-castle has a hot tub on the terrace where you can catch the fine French breeze and survey your feudal lands. Instead of a moat, you have an infinity pool. Further pampering can be ordered and massages are on offer. Hot meals can be delivered as well as cold hampers to be taken on daily rambles around the delightful Gallic countryside – the food is delivered using a rope and pulley system. Located in the Dordogne there is much to see and do. Travel around and hang out in old castles, explore the famous white-stone villages and, of course, there are the famous wines of Bergerac to try.

Chateaux Dans les Arbres
Chateaux Dans les Arbres wood castle
Wooden castle treehouse
Chateaux Dans les Arbres interior
Chateaux Dans les Arbres dining
Chateaux Dans les Arbres kitchen
Chateaux Dans les Arbres bedroom
Wooden castle treehouse bedroom
Chateaux Dans les Arbres bed
Chateaux Dans les Arbres infinity pool
French countryside
Treehouse stairs
Wooden swing
24440 Nojals-et-Clotte, France
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