Accommodation types: Nature   Remote
Location: Tofino  Canada  North America
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort - Vancouver Island Safari Retreat Tucked Away In The RainforestClayoquot Wilderness  

Clayoquot repeatedly snatches top industry awards. Top 10 Canada Resorts, World’s Most Sustainable Hotel, Conde Nast Traveler’s Gold List… the list goes on. And it’s hardly a surprise giving the owners commitment to every detail which manifests itself already at arrival with a welcome champagne and hors d’oeuvres. If you’re looking for an experience at the crossroads of luxury and wilderness, you’ll find both to the extreme here.

Accommodation at Clayoquot is exclusively in canvas glamping tents. The interiors will transport you to a turn-of-the-century African safari with heavy colonial furniture and vintage oil lamps. But take one step outside, and you’ll remember that you’re deep inside Vancouver Island wilderness. The tents are sitting at the edge of the water, tucked away in a remote corner of the rainforest only available by plane or boat.

In a true safari fashion, Clayoquot packages are all-inclusive and come with gourmet meals and alcohol throughout the day. Your stay also includes carefully designed activities to help you enjoy nature to the fullest. There’s horseback riding, ocean or freshwater fishing, canoeing and sea-kayaking, safari tours (you’ll spot bald eagles, sea lions, grey whales, sea otters, and bears), and much more. And if you need a moment to catch your breath after all this excitement, hit the daily yoga and meditation classes or unwind with a massage. At the end of the day, you’ll swap adventure stories with other travelers over bonfire and S'mores.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort at night
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Ivanhoe Waterfront Lounge
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Cookhouse
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Cookhouse Interior
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Cookhouse Outdoor Terrace
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Dining Tents
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Rainforest Deluxe Tent Interior
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Ensuite Tent Interior
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Ensuite Tent Nature View
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Outdoor Shower
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Sunrise Waterfront Ensuite Tents
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Spa Treatment Room
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Outdoor Hot Tubs with Nature View
Helicopter Sightseeing over Flores Island
250 Year Old Sitka Spruce Tree Platform
Black Bear Mother and Cubs
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Cloud Camp Day-Standup Paddle Board
Sighting Resident Orca
1 Clayoquot, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0, Canada
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