Commune By The Great Wall - Contemporary Architecture At The Great Wall Of ChinaCommune  
by the Great Wall

Once hailed as the "New Architectural Wonder of China,” Commune by the Great Wall comprises 40 villas with 175 suites and 11 Presidential Suites.

Each villa has a unique structure and theme. From the Bamboo Wall, which offers six bedrooms and a tea room, to the Suitcase House and the Forest House (seen from afar, the Forest House resembles a bird's nest in a tree)

The architectural masterpieces were designed by 12 architects for guests to enjoy.

The great thing for travelers staying at the Commune is it offers a private path to a non-restored section of the Great Wall of China.

Type: Design   Nature
Location: Beijing  China  East Asia
Commune by the Great Wall villas in the hills

Surrounded by mountain views, this hike is a perfect way to explore the area and interact with nature.

Bamboo Wall house

Bamboo Wall

Architect: Kengo Kuma (Japan)

Suitcase House

Suitcase House

Architect: Gary Chang (Hong Kong)

Cantilever House

Cantilever House

Architect: Antonio Ochoa (China)

Commune by the Great Wall sunlit interior

Commune by the Great Wall wooden design room

Commune by the Great Wall bamboo house interior

The Airport House, designed by architect Chien Hsueh-Yi, has four bedrooms, a sauna, and a natural stone-made bath.

Three living rooms extend in different directions, just like the boarding corridors at an air terminal. There is also a half-underground private room.

Commune by the Great Wall bedroom

Commune by the Great Wall balcony

Commune by the Great Wall glass windows

Commune by the Great Wall twin wooden villas with rooftop terraces

Commune by the Great Wall terrace

Hungry after that hike? The Courtyard Restaurant serves a variety of regional Chinese cuisines and includes a bar and three discrete private rooms, each with a private garden en suite.

Commune by the Great Wall pool

There is a poolside cafe, and guests can grab a drink at the Pink Bar.

Commune by the Great Wall swimming pool

The Great Wall Exit No.53 at Shuiguan G6 Jingzang Highway, Beijing, China