Accommodation types: Design   Nature
Location: Monroyo  Spain  West Europe
Consolacion Hotel - Traditional Spanish Baroque Or Japanese-Style CubesConsolacion  

This hotel gives you the choice: traditional Spanish Baroque or Japanese-style cubes. The designer was inspired to create the unique ‘Kube’ rooms after reading a philosophical piece called ‘In Praise of Shadows’ by Tanizaki who is one of Japan’s great modern writers.

It is a sophisticated space with one glass wall and balcony commanding views of the surrounding pine and olive groves. If you prefer the rich aesthetics of the renaissance, you could choose the ‘Ermita’ room with its selection of Baroque-inspired colors and fabrics. As much a restaurant as a hotel, the food is stylish and takes influence from traditional Spanish fare, and uses the freshest ingredients.

You can take cookery classes and learn from the best: from truffle workshops to tapas lessons. The philosophy of the hotel is a ‘space where anything can happen’ so there are no traditional hotel rules and serving times. If you want to eat outside, you can.

Consolacion Hotel in the green nature
Consolacion Hotel and church
Cube style building
Kube building Consolacion Hotel
Consolacion Hotel design interior
Consolacion Hotel living room
Consolacion Hotel living room with fireplace
Consolacion Hotel chill room
Consolacion Hotel vintage room
Consolacion Hotel kitchen
Consolacion Hotel restaurant
Consolacion Hotel relaxing
Consolacion Hotel room with terrace
Consolacion Hotel swimming pool
Swimming pool and a model girl

N-232 44652 Monroyo, Spain
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