Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa - Aboriginal Paradise In The World's Oldest JungleDaintree  

The Daintree Eco Lodge has won dozens of awards and is recognized as one of the best eco lodge destinations in the world. Set in the world’s oldest rainforest (it has existed continuously for 110 million years) and drawing inspiration from the Aboriginal culture that grew up there, the Eco Lodge maintains a high standard of luxury while remaining friendly to the local culture and environment.

It also happens to be right next to the Great Barrier Reef. So prepare to be inundated with a sense of nature at its rawest and most beautiful. The Spa menu has been created with the approval of local Aboriginal elders, who have allowed the Spa to draw on the power of the land they hold sacred. The lodge is run in strict compliance with the UN and the World Conservation Organization - it is architecturally, culturally, and technologically non-intrusive.

Location: Daintree  Australia  Oceania
Daintree Eco Lodge sitting on fresh water

Daintree Eco Lodge at night

Daintree Eco Lodge terrace

Daintree Eco Lodge building

Daintree Eco Lodge building in the lush rainforest

Daintree Eco Lodge room

Daintree Eco Lodge bedroom

Daintree Eco Lodge bedroom views from the window

Daintree Eco Lodge jacuzzi on the terrace

Girl in the jacuzzi with champagne and a book

Daintree Eco Lodge tropical fruit selection

Daintree Eco Lodge relaxing egg chairs

Daintree Eco Lodge waterfall

Daintree Waterfall and a girl

20 Daintree Road, 4873 Daintree, Australia