Eleven Experience Deplar Farm - Sheep Farm Converted To LuxuryDeplar Farm  

Fancy a trip of a lifetime? Head to the land of fire and ice, better known as Iceland, and stay at a converted sheep farm! Deplar Farm is located in Iceland's northern Fljot valley. With just 13 rooms, Deplar is the ultimate getaway for those seeking to explore Iceland's beautiful yet mysterious land!

Guests can choose from a variety of cozy rooms at Deplar Farm, each with a more stunning view than the last – actually, all views are equally gorgeous! Are you looking for a genuinely authentic Icelandic experience? Book the Flóki room! Named for the first Norseman to deliberately sail to Iceland, this charming room is located in the attic and is one of the farm's largest rooms. Not only will guests enjoy their rooms, but there are also plenty of open hangout spaces to take in the views! From the lounge to the library, Deplar Farm is your home for the duration of your stay!

If you don't try the local cuisine, did you even visit Iceland? From mountain lamb to Arctic char, chefs Alex and Andrea will prepare you an unforgettable meal. Then, work off that farm-to-table meal with a ski tour, or go hot-spring hopping instead! Of course, a winter visit means a chance to see the Northern Lights, while a summer excursion can include fly fishing and trekking through the valleys!


Images courtesy of Eleven Experience

Deplar Farm during the winter on Troll Peninsula in Iceland

Off-the-grid experience in the Fljót Valley on the mountainous Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland.

Deplar Farm winter exterior

Deplar Farm blends into the natural landscape with its green roofs, and black timber cladding.

Deplar Farm during the summer
Deplar Farm buildings with green rooftops

Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the property open up to the beautiful Icelandic wilderness.

Deplar Farm dining room from the outside
Deplar Farm lounge

The fully stocked bar comes in handy on cold winter nights.

Deplar Farm bar

There are thirteen en suite bedrooms at Deplar Farm.

Deplar Farm Grettir living room
Deplar Farm Floki room
Deplar Farm working desk with nature view
Deplar Farm bath tub
Deplar Farm bedroom

The One King Suite has an en suite bathroom, a lofted lounge, and a private balcony.

Deplar Farm two storey room

The futuristic-looking i-sopod floatation tank with its sleek and stylish design is Deplar Farm's most lavish spa feature. One of these pods costs between $10,000 to $30,000 and provides a surreal floatation experience.

Deplar Farm spa tub
Deplar Farm spa sitting tables
Deplar Farm spa with mountain view

There is an outdoor geothermal-heated pool with a Northern Lights view during winter.

Deplar Farm Northern Lights and outdoor pools
Deplar Farm outdoor pool
Deplar Farm with Northern Lights
Deplar Farm buildings and Northern Lights
Deplar Farm Deplar 570, Fljot Skagafjörður Iceland