Det Hanseatiske Hotel - Historic Norwegian Hotel In BryggenDet Hanseatiske  

Situated in a historic trading building – part of the Bryggen world heritage site – the Hanseatiske Hotel is a place where you can step back in time. In its long history the house has been a workplace, residence, warehouse, and restaurant. This 17th Century house has original features preserved alongside modern conveniences and luxury.

The Bryggen wharf is just a short walk away and packed with historical curios - it has been the center for Norwegian trading since the 14th Century. The hotel is home to three restaurants: a modern brasserie, traditional Norwegian eatery and Mexican. During the day, you can take a steamer around the coast, or climb Mount Ulriken. How about exploring the history of the local area? There is a market, museum and an aquarium to see. Or stay in and relax in the luxurious library. Either way, you will find The Hanseatiske Hotel to be a gem of Norwegian finery.

Type: Design
Location: Bergen  Norway  West Europe
Det Hanseatiske Hotel restaurant

Det Hanseatiske Hotel dining

Det Hanseatiske Hotel library room

Det Hanseatiske Hotel interior design

Warehouse transformed to bathroom

Det Hanseatiske Hotel room

Luxury patterns room

Det Hanseatiske Hotel bathroom

Rustic room

Det Hanseatiske Hotel room

Det Hanseatiske Hotel bedroom

Det Hanseatiske Hotel wooden decorated bathroom

Det Hanseatiske Hotel room

Det Hanseatiske Hotel bed

Finnegårdsgaten 2, 5809 Bergen, Norway