The Dune House - Unique Design For HireThe Dune  

Commissioned by a leading company, Living Architecture, this house was designed to reflect the traditional architecture of the area by locating each bedroom within its own gable. A feature picked up by top Norwegian architects, JVA. The roof is made from a reflective alloy to capture the seasons as they are painted on the sky. The ground floor walls are completely glass, opening up the space. The surrounding dunes encapsulate the house and provide privacy.

The sunsets behind the house while the beach is at the front and all day, the changing light remarks on the features of the interior. The upper floors are made of wood to give a nautical feel and the bathrooms are designed to give you amazing views from the tub. You can sleep nine people in this contemporary building before exploring the historic Suffolk countryside.

The Dune House
The Dune House with the sea in the background
The Dune House at night
The Dune House living room
The Dune House fireplace
The Dune House kitchen
The Dune House interior design
The Dune House room with bathtub inside
The Dune House room
The Dune House bedroom
The Dune House room with sea view
Thorpeness IP16 4NR, UK