Duxton Reserve Singapore - Heritage Boutique HotelDuxton Reserve  

Anouska Hempel, the uncrowned queen of boutique hotel design, has helped revamp one of Singapore's prettiest heritage buildings.

Singapore, the utopistic city where 89% of the people don't own cars, and rapid transportation takes them at lightning speed to their destination, has a highly respected architectural heritage that keeps improving.

The city-state is famed for its futuristic architecture, like the Marina Bay Sands or the world's highest-rated Changi Airport, where the world's largest indoor waterfall flows next to hyper-modern trains that zoom past the Forest Valley with 2,000 trees. But Singapore has much to offer from its past, too.


Singapore's largest heritage precinct is Chinatown, with historic buildings and rich cultural life. The district's oldest area, Telok Ayer, was developed in the 1820s, while the hotel's neighborhood known for its street art, Tanjong Pagar, was in the 1920s.

In the heart of this lively place, Duxton Reserve Singapore sits a couple of blocks from the impressive Buddha Tooth Relic Temple—one of the numerous architectural gems of Chinatown.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Building Gray & Black Facade

The hotel stands out with its unique charcoal facade and traditional window blinds painted in black. When the night lights turn on in the evening, the building starts to look like a vampire estate.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Terrace

The interiors were the work of London-based Anouska Hempel (a former Bond girl who turned into a world-class designer), who was also responsible for the world's first boutique hotel.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Lounge

The striking black and gold colored floors and walls are decorated with Oriental screens.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Yellow Pot Restaurant

The intimate boutique hotel has only one bar and restaurant - Yellow Pot, serving new gen Chinese food, but knowing Singapore's fantastic gastro culture, you will spend a lot of time eating out.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Club Lounge Black & Gold Interior

The hotel's bar has a beautiful stained glass ceiling, and it's named after its designer, Anouska.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Anouska's Bar

Stophouse Room

The 49 rooms and suites are uniquely designed, so if you return, you can have a different-looking place each time.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Stophouse Room

Opium Suite

Some follow a minimalist two-tone (black&white) color theme, and some have calligraphy wallpapers decorating the walls.

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Opium Suite

Skylight Suite

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Skylight Suite
Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Skylight Suite Bedroom
Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Bedroom

Pearl Suite

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Pearl Suite

Duxton Duplex Suite

Duxton Reserve Singapore Hotel Duxton Duplex Suite

Many of the beautiful neighboring buildings with colorful Venetian blinds are now home to hip restaurants and cool bars.

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