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Elephant Road Resort - Surf And Rest In Sri LankaElephant Road  

Located in a quiet part of the Sri Lankan jungle, the Elephant Road Resort is a place where you will see not only elephants but monkeys, peacocks, and birds along the side roads brightening up the day of passersby.

Each of the four two-story suites offers guests beautiful jungle and lagoon views, along with private yoga balconies for absolute serenity. Colorful hammocks, hanging beds, and couches are peppered throughout the spaces, so there’s room for everyone. Two double beds on the top floor make these suites perfect for friends and families traveling together.

A unique offering of this resort is the surf lesson packages that guests can take part in. For children and adults, the surf camp is situated in the quiet part of Arugam Bay. There are also organized yoga retreats for those who seek complete relaxation.

Despite being in a remote, peaceful area, guests can rest assured as there is hot water, laundry services, and free WiFi available on the premises. The Elephant Road’s cafe serves fresh breakfast and lunch and offers an array of snacks and beverages at any time for guests. So if you’re hungry for a surfing adventure, a more relaxing yoga retreat, or reconnecting with nature, the Elephant Road Resort is the spot for you!

Elephant Road Resort building at night
Elephant Road Resort building
Elephant Road Resort terrace with a hanging bed and a girl relaxing on it
Hanging bed at Elephant Road Resort
Elephant Road Resort entry hall
Elephant Road Resort room with two double beds
Elephant Road Resort bedroom
Elephant Road Resort bed with jungle views
Elephant Road Resort shower
Elephant Road Resort balcony with hammock
Elephant Road Resort balcony with jungle views
Elephant Road Resort surf training for kids
Arugam Bay surf camp
Arugam Bay surfing
school road , Aurgam bay, 22200 Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
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