Accommodation types: Art   Design
Location: Ronda  Spain  West Europe
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Hotel Ronda

If you want something Bohemian in spirit, the Hotel EnFrente Arte is an artsy delight. This hotel offers some truly unique décor and historical architecture. It is set on the oldest paved street of Ronda and surrounded by historic sites.

Inside, you can expect to have the atmosphere of an exhibition as art is all around you. Each of the hotel’s 12 double rooms has its own unique character, each one “trippier” than the last. Outside, there is a subtropical garden as well as an outdoor swimming pool and a sauna. From the terraces, you can have breathtaking views of the hills of Ronda. Embrace your love of contemporary art with a stay at the funky Hotel EnFrente Arte.

Hotel EnFrente Arte reception
Hotel EnFrente Arte bar
Cafe Desayuno
Car theme bar
Hotel EnFrente Arte design details
Hotel EnFrente Arte game room
Hotel EnFrente Arte deluxe room
Hotel EnFrente Arte Habitacion room
Hotel EnFrente Arte hearts room
Hotel EnFrente Arte swimming pool
Hotel EnFrente Arte terrace with views on the hills of Ronda
Hotel EnFrente Arte garden
Door to sauna
Calle Real 40, 29400 Ronda, Spain
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