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Hotel Fabrica Do Chocolate - The Sweetest Hotel There IsFabrica  
do Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? No, like really love it, like Willy Wonka-love it? That’s the idea behind Fabrica do Chocolate, a chocolate-themed hotel that pays tribute to our favorite obsession. Throughout the resort is a museum of chocolate, where you can learn about its history, all the while sampling every unique flavor.

There are two types of rooms to look for, standard and duplex suites. Theme rooms like the Willy Wonka room is a favorite, and amazingly, all 18 rooms are unique in design, with their own chocolate-related theme, based on films, books, and other ideas. Each room has a special chocolate surprise so let the kids start hunting for it.

Room Themes:

1: Theobroma Cacau (the scientific name of the cocoa fruit)
2: Roça (cocoa plantations)
3: Mayan (The first civilizations to see the importance of cocoa)
4: Valrhona (French chocolate)
5: Willy Wonka (based on the book and film)
6: Arcádia (Portuguese chocolate)
7: Dali (based on Salvador Dali’s painting “chocolate”)
8: Cinema (based on the film Chocolat starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche)
9: Stories (based on various books that highlight chocolate)
10: Music (based on songs mentioning chocolate, with vinyl covers and piano headboards!)
11: Caffarel Suite (Italian chocolate)
12: Romance Suite (Canopy bed, mirrored wall, and a classic romantic atmosphere)
13: Dark Chocolate (all for the love of intense dark chocolate)
14: Milk Chocolate (all for the love of light milk chocolate
15: White Chocolate (all for the love of sweet white chocolate)
16: Casa Grande (Portuguese chocolate, funny and bright with a yellow giant cow on the wall!)
17 – Regina (The widest known brand in Portugal, with retro vintage-chic design as well as holiday cheer from Santa and the Easter Bunny)
18: Hansel and Gretel Suite (inspired by the fairy tale, a life-sized candy house for children to play in!)

The museum is perhaps the most impressive part of the chocolate retreat, with five wings, multimedia exhibits, and modern technology. In case you’re wondering of course there’s an onsite chocolate shop, though you might be even more intrigued at the interactive chocolate workshop, with live classes and demonstrations that teach you how to make tastier bonbons, pastries, cakes, chocolate decorations.

There is an onsite restaurant led by eudaimonism-inspired Chef Pedro Araújo, and believe it or not, they do serve more than chocolate! However, every entrée and every item on the menu uses some form of cocoa or chocolate, tying in with the theme. Expect all sorts of exotic chocolate cuisine, including cocoa butter, chocolate balsamic reduction, ground cocoa nibs, cocoa-infused olive oil, unsweetened dark chocolate, and other savory main courses. All dishes are made with local fresh produce, guaranteeing high quality as well as a creative style.

If Willy Wonka were real, this would be his vacation home of choice!

Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate
Melting chocolate on the ceiling

Casa Grande

Casa Grande
There's more to life than chocolate but not right now
Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate lounge
Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate restaurant
Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate kids room
Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate twin room
Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate room

Music Room

Music Room

Regina Suite

Regina Suite

Romance Suite

Romance Suite

Rua do Gontim, N70 a 76, 4900-474 Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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