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Miami Beach is like a tropical island, but with Whole Foods on every corner. It was cleared of mangroves in the 19th century to make way for coconut farms, but property developers quickly realized the potential and incorporated it into a city. Ever since, Miami Beach has been a trendsetter center for arts, culture, and nightlife. Faena Miami Hotel is located right in the midst of it, in the section called Mid Beach. True to the city's heritage, Faena continues the tradition of cultural empowerment and runs its art center and an incubator for artistic expression with live art shows. Next door, the Faena Bazaar is a conceptual shopping mall for premium clothes. Finally, immerse in the glittery Hollywood atmosphere at Faena Theater, where you'll get to experience live music, cabarets, and contemporary dance in a richly decorated interior with a grand crystal chandelier. The collection of these cultural buildings form the Faena District Miami Beach.

Stepping inside Faena will immediately take your breath away with its grand lobby, "The Cathedral". Dark red and gold are the signature colors, making a bold statement. Now that I mentioned gold and bold, Damien Hirst's "Gone But Not Forgotten" artwork comes to mind. It's the centerpiece sculpture of Faena, an impressive 24-karat gold-plated skeleton of a giant woolly mammoth. It was bought for over 10 million dollars.

To fully enjoy Faena's offerings, opt for an oceanview suite that comes with a wraparound balcony. All the suites have custom-made furniture and beautiful hand-woven carpets. Tierra Santa Healing House is the on-site 22,000-square-foot spa sanctuary. High praise goes to the design of the mosaic Hammam and the handcrafted wooden sauna. In addition, they offer a long list of in-room spa experiences, with the intention, "If the mountain doesn't go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain".

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Faena Hotel Miami Beach Oceanfront

The Cathedral

Faena Hotel Miami Beach Cathedral Entrance

Faena Hotel Miami Beach Veranda Day

Faena Hotel Miami Beach Restaurant

Faena Theater

Faena Theater

Faena Theater Mezzanine

Faena Hotel Cinema

Tree of Life

Faena Hotel Tree of Life

Faena Hotel Stairway

Faena Hotel Suite Entrance

Faena Hotel Suite

Faena Hotel Suite Bedroom

Faena Hotel Suite Bathroom

Faena Hotel Bathroom Ocean View

Faena Hotel Imperial Suite Living Room

Faena Hotel Dark Red Suite

Faena Hotel Suite Balcony

Faena Hotel Spa Waiting Area

Faena Hotel Spa Couple Room

Faena Hotel Spa Bathtub

Faena Hotel Hammam

Faena Hotel Handcrafted Sauna

Faena Hotel Rooftop Terrace

Faena Hotel Garden

Faena Hotel Pool Top View

Faena Hotel Sunbar

Faena Hotel Oceanfront Pool

3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States