Foxhill Manor - Double Bathtubs Overlooking The English CountrysideFoxhill  

Over a century ago, in a forest clearing on the Estate of Farncombe, Foxhill Manor was erected by Cotswold craftsmen under the leadership of chief architect, Joseph Lancaster Ball. The manor originally rested on a 100-acre plot of land and its four wings were designed so that regardless of the time of day, a section of the manor would always be bathed in natural light. Over the course of a century, the plot of land expanded to 400 acres, and the manor was converted into a hotel.

The hotel boasts an impressive amount of nature trails and manicured lawns, as well as vibrant wildlife including foxes, owls, rabbits, and the occasional deer. The hotel itself is interesting because they have taken the concept of excellence in customer service and taken it a few steps further.

Their unique rooms are warm and cozy and their excellent chef, Jon Ingram, who you will come to know by name sticks to the company motto “whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy it.” While he will prepare his set menu, if you decide that you want a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, he will prepare it. You can use the cinema room with its 74 inch TV and choose your own movies from their vast selection, or repair to the lounge and play some board games or even ask for a ride up to their sister hotel’s spa for a relaxation treatment. Feel free to ask your concierge for anything else your heart desires, and they will do their best to fulfill your wishes.

Foxhill Manor
Foxhill Manor main entrance
Foxhill Manor side facade and secret door
Foxhill Manor lounge
Foxhill Manor suite
Foxhill Manor butterfly collection on the wall
Foxhill Manor work room
Foxhill Manor room
Foxhill Manor bathroom with shower and bathtub
Foxhill Manor room with open door to bathroom
Foxhill Manor bathroom
Foxhill Manor bedroom
Foxhill Manor room with double bathtubs facing the big glass windows
Farncombe Estate, Broadway WR12 7LJ, United Kingdom