Accommodation types: Animal   Nature
Location: Nairobi  Kenya  Africa
Giraffe Manor - Dine With Giraffes In NairobiGiraffe Manor  

The hotel is a converted manor house built in the 1930s in the style of a Scottish hunting lodge. It is part of a modern wildlife sanctuary located 20km from Nairobi. The Rothschild Giraffes who live here are wonderfully tame. If you leave your window open you could even wake up with one nibbling on your toes!

The sanctuary also contains over 150 acres of natural forest and you will be able to see an incredible array of wildlife and tropical birds from the area. There is a center where they save orphaned Elephant calves; raising them and reintroducing them to the wild. You can visit and watch the baby Elephants get fed and romp around in their pen. Adorable. Excursions to Nairobi are arranged from the hotel so shopaholics won’t have to go through withdrawal amongst all this natural beauty.

There is also a manicured garden and a museum devoted to the famous author, Karen Blixen. You can also take excursions into the Ngong hills - home of the Masai tribe. Masai legends tell of an ancient giant who died there. His knuckles become the 4 mountain summits that prevail over these mystical hills.

Giraffe Manor
Giraffe Manor front
Giraffe Manor exterior with giraffes
Giraffe at the window in the Giraffe hotel
Giraffe hotel at night
Giraffes looking through the window
Giraffe in the room
Giraffe feeding from the room
Giraffe Manor living room
Giraffe Manor restaurant
Giraffe Manor wooden stairs
Giraffe Manor room with private balcony
Giraffe Manor room with terrace
Giraffe Manor room
Giraffe Manor bathroom
Giraffe Manor bathroom with giraffe decoration
Giraffe Manor duplex suite
Giraffe Manor private terrace
Breakfast on the terrace with view on the giraffes
Girl feeding a giraffe
Giraffes in the nature
Vintage photo giraffe with a girl
Karen Hardy, Nairobi, Kenya
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