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If you want to go off the beaten path, Vestmannaeyjar (The Westman Islands) is an archipelago of 15 islands off the South Coast of Iceland. The islands host the largest population of nesting puffins in the world and are equally rich in natural beauty as you would expect from Iceland.

This wilderness is an active volcanic region. The youngest island, Surtsey, was formed in 1963, and the Eldfell volcano's devastating 1973 eruption destroyed 400 houses.

The Glamping & Camping site is near the scenic Halldórsskora (Elephant Rock). So naturally, a magical place like this must have Hobbit houses.

Apart from the beautiful surrounding nature, there is a swimming pool a few minutes' walk away and a wonderfully windy 18-hole seaside golf course. So how to get to this wild and remote place? A ferry named Herjolfur sails to the Westman Islands from the town of Landeyjahöfn.

Glamping & Camping On The The Westman Islands In Iceland

Hobbit Houses

The Hobbit houses contain two spaces, one sleeping compartment for two, and a living room with comfy chairs.

Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Hobbit Houses

These barrel-shaped houses have two rooms; a bedroom with two beds and a living room decorated in an intimate style to make you feel at home.

Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Barrel-Shaped House

If you prefer something more traditional, there are cottages too with a pretty, single-space interior.

Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Cottage And Main Building
Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Barrel Buildings
Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Hobbit House Entrance
Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Hobbit House Interior

Traditional Cottages

The A-shaped cottage features a single-space interior. There is electricity in the houses but no sanitary facilities or running water, but the campsite has 4 toilets, 5 showers, cooking facilities, a washing machine, and a dryer.

Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Traditional Cottage
Glamping & Camping Vestmannaeyjar Cottage Interior
Herjólfsdalur, 900 Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland