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Location: Clonmel  Ireland  West Europe
Glencomeragh Hermitages - Spiritual Retreat In Ireland

Run by the Rosminian Order of the Catholic Church, the Glencomeragh Hermitages are part of a wider complex that includes a lovely country house converted for use by those seeking a spiritual retreat. The hermitages are functional, modern constructions set on stilts in the lush Irish hillside.

They are made mainly from wood and steel and have large glass windows where natural views inspire spiritual contemplation. The huts are designed to represent the human being. The solid mass of wood, furnishings, and kitchen are the ‘body’ and the internal heart is represented by a miniature courtyard which is encased in glass at the center of the house. Light streams into this center like God’s love for every human soul. Each hut has a slightly different courtyard reflecting the uniqueness of every person and this is where the huts take their names: Cluain Sholais (meadow of light), Cloch Sholais (Stone of light), Crann Solais (tree of light), and Uisce Solais (water of light). These remarkable self-catering huts are inexpensive and perfect for the spiritual activities that require solitary contemplation.

Glencomeragh Hermitages
Glencomeragh Hermitages wooden hut next to the river
Glencomeragh Hermitages living room
Glencomeragh Hermitages interior
Glencomeragh Hermitages design details
Glencomeragh Hermitages views
GLENCOMERAGH HOUSE, Kilsheelan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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