Accommodation types: Luxury
Location: Barcelona  Spain  West Europe
Gran Hotel La Florida Barcelona
Gran Hotel  
La Florida

This hotel has been called “one of the most prestigious in Spain”, why? Well, it has a history of attracting some of the icons of the 20th Century like Jimmy Stewart and Hemingway. It was also a favorite among the European royals who always lead the way in style. Built in 1924 and surviving a civil war and a world war the hotel was renovated and re-opened in 2001 by new owners keen to reclaim its regal past. The original details have been restored and now host works by acclaimed contemporary artists like Ben Jakober and Isabel Cruellas. The Zen Zone spa uses relaxation treatments with the suggestion to create a mental and physical space where you feel contentment. There is also a large swimming pool and a gym. You can stay in one of eight unique design suites which are crafted by artists and experts in interiors; dinner is served on a terrace with warm views of Barcelona and more unusually there is a “bath menu” which sounds awesome.

Gran Hotel La Florida building
Gran Hotel La Florida lobby
Gran Hotel La Florida lobby bar
Gran Hotel La Florida design suite Cocomat
Gran Hotel La Florida Suite Presidencial
Gran Hotel La Florida pool
Gran Hotel La Florida swimming pool
Gran Hotel La Florida rooftop terrace
Gran Hotel La Florida outside pool at the evening
Gran Hotel La Florida chillout garden
Gran Hotel La Florida garden
Ctra. de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo 83-93, 08035 Barcelona, Spain
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