Hi Hotel Eco Spa and Beach - Well-Being And Eco-PhilosophyHi Hotel  
Eco Spa and Beach

The Hi Hotel is a contemporary hotel and spa located 200 meters from the Mediterranean in Southern France.

Designed by France’s best young designer, it is a contemporary space that focuses on well-being and eco-philosophy.

You can be sure that everything in the hotel is responsibly sourced, the waste is recycled, and the staff is treated ethically.

Type: Design   Spa
Location: Nice  France  West Europe

While some hotels impose the false binary of guest/host, the Hi Hotel takes an alternative approach to its patrons; it would rather you stay in the spirit of open-minded exchange.

Hi Hotel building
Hi Hotel lobby

Happy Bar

Hi Hotel happy bar
Hi Hotel party

The restaurant offers food in keeping with eco values, where everything is organic, fresh, and delicious.

Hi Hotel restaurant

Up & Down room

Hi Hotel Up and Down room

Digital room

Each room is unique, so you have a choice: will you go for the one that changes color to match the time or the one with speakers built into the sofa?

The room where everything is compartmentalized, or the open-plan room with a terrace?

Hi Hotel digital room

Monospace room

Hi Hotel monospace room

Strates room

Hi Hotel strates room

White & White room

Hi Hotel white and white room

Indoor Terrasse room

Indoor Terrasse room at Hi Hotel

Techno Corner room

Hi Hotel Techno Corner room

Rendez Vous room

Hi Hotel Rendez Vous room

Happy Day room

Hi Hotel happy day room

The spa focuses on wellness treatments and provides you with massages and yoga classes.

Hi Hotel spa
Hi Hotel rooftop pool
Hi Hotel terrace
3 Avenue Fleurs, 06000 Nice, France