Hirado Castle Hotel - Historic Japanese Castle StayHirado Castle  

Nagasaki Prefecture's Hirado Castle opened Japan's first "shirohaku" castle stay. It's located in the historic hilltop castle from the 18th century with panoramic views across the Hirado Strait.

In 1599, Matsura Shigenobu, a local warlord, constructed a castle called Hinotake-jō on this site. He then burned it down in 1613. The 5th daimyo of the Hirado domain, Matsura Takashi, rebuilt it until it was abandoned under the Ordinance.

In 1962, the entire castle complex underwent a thorough reconstruction and renovation, including the construction of the main keep, which now serves as a museum with artifacts of the Matsura clan.

Type: Castle   Heritage   Luxury
Location: Hirado  Japan  East Asia
Hirado Castle On The Hirado Island

After recent and modern renovations, it reopened in April 2021.

Hirado Castle

Today, you can stay at the castle's Kaiju Yagura Tower, which was transformed into a hotel.

Hirado Castle Hotel Entrance
Photo by Jimmy Cohrssen

Hirado Castle Hotel Sleek Interior

The sleek and minimalist suite can sleep up to five people.

Hirado Castle Hotel Living And Dining Space
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If you'd like to sample local traditions, you can dress up in traditional Japanese clothes, take part in a 17th-century warrior tea ceremony, or watch an exceptional performance of the "Hirado Kagura" dance.

Hirado Castle Hotel Minimalist Japanese Design
Photo by Jimmy Cohrssen

The hotel also offers fine dining.

Hirado Castle Hotel Dining Room
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They prepare full-course meals to savor the distinctive tastes of Hirado Island using fresh seafood and local-grown seasonal ingredients. And that's not all.

Staying at a castle is a rare experience, but part of the experience is the after-hours visit to the on-site museum, exclusive to the guests.

Hirado Castle Hotel Butterfly Mural By Local Artist, Takahide Komatsu

Butterfly mural by local artist, Takahide Komatsu

Hirado Castle Stay Staircase
Photo by Jimmy Cohrssen

The interior is stuffed with Japanese art and design, including the butterfly mural on the dining room wall, which is the work of Kyushu local artist Takahide Komatsu.

Hirado Castle Suite Bedroom
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The two-story Kaiju Yagura tower suite contains a living/dining room adjacent to the entrance and a bedroom on the second floor.

Hirado Castle Stay Bathroom
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Hirado Castle Hotel Three Glass-Walled Bathroom
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The spectacular bathroom is surrounded by three glass walls, through which you can enjoy the fantastic view overlooking the ocean and the Hirado Bridge.

Hirado Island Nature

The castle hotel operator hopes to create a new tourism trend using the symbol of Hirado, and we can see why this is a great idea.

1458 Iwanouecho, Hirado, Nagasaki 859-5121, Japan