Hoshinoya Bali - Refined Japanese Luxury In The Balinese JungleHoshinoya  

Hoshinoya is a Japanese hotel chain with properties in many places in the world, and their resort in Bali is one of their newest. The group is bringing its refined aesthetic and Far Eastern sensibility to Bali's Pakerisan River Valley, near the spiritual center of Ubud.

Located on the banks of sacred waters and surrounded by a fantastic jungle landscape (recognized as a World Heritage Landscape by UNESCO) is where the Hoshinaya Bali hides.

The hotel's architecture represents the beauty of Bali. Many pieces of furniture are the result of the island's traditional craftsmanship and well-known woodcarving.

These details are mixed with Japanese influences that you can immediately recognize: the kimono robes, the bathroom amenities, and the cutlery. So, staying at the hotel means an instant trip to the calm and refined Japanese culture.

Type: Luxury   Nature
Location: Ubud  Indonesia  Oceania
Photos by Hoshino Resorts
Hoshinoya Bali Resort Overview Panorama

The resort is close to Ubud, surrounded by jungle, palm trees, and other tropical vegetation.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel In The Jungle

Dozens of luxury resorts and villas surround Ubud, but the recently opened Hoshinoya Bali stands out with its unique architecture.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Stone-Carved Entrance
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Reception

You can grab a great read from the resort's library and take your time to enjoy it in a serene environment.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Library
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Wood-Carved Details

Every morning, breakfast is served in the form of a set, representing the gastronomy of the given country (for example, Japan or Indonesia) and offering delicious portions of that cuisine's representative dishes.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Restaurant
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Central Pool
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Pool Villa
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Guest Room Entrance

Villa Jalak is a one-story room with views of the jungle and the river, consisting of a living room surrounded by a wooden balcony.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Jalak Villa

The bedroom allows you to see the sunrise from the bed, a bathroom with a Japanese bathtub, and direct access to the pool that connects all the villas.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Jalak Bedroom
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Soka Villa Interior
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Soka Bedroom At Night

All rooms (or we shall call them villas instead) have their own garden, where there is also private access to the amazing central pool.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Villa Poolside Terrace

Each of the 30 villas has access to a pool where the water temperature changes throughout the day.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Bulan Poolside Villa
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Pool

The three canal-styled swimming pools are in the heart of the resort.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Pool Canal
Spa Tub Overlooking The Balinese Jungle
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Romantic Outdoor Dining
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Terrace
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Subak

Tea is served every afternoon in the Café Gazebo, which has unique structures where you can have a drink, read, or simply relax in the wild nature overlooking an epic 558 feet (170 meters) deep valley.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Café Gazebo

The hotel is located on a hill, where the Café Gazebo has genius little "cages" where you can sit sheltered from the tropical rain and drink coffee, tea or have breakfast. Pretty magical.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Café Gazebo Unique Jungle Structure
Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Café Gazebo Serenity

The days begin and end with yoga and stretching classes, and an on-site spa offers massages and treatments.

Hoshinoya Bali Hotel Yoga Pavilion

Ubud city and its fantastic market take approximately half an hour drive to get there, and the hotel also offers a free shuttle bus several times a day.

Traditional Balinese Dance
Br. Pengembungan,Desa Pejeng Kangin, 80552 Ubud, Indonesia