Hoshinoya Okinawa - Oceanfront Escape In Tropical JapanHoshinoya  

Hoshinoya is a Japanese luxury hotel collection with five properties in the country and one each in Taiwan and Bali. Their first resort in Okinawa Prefecture opened in 2020.

The modern but undeniably Japanese complex of Hoshinoya Okinawa stretches on a scenic beach of the East China Sea. It's a quiet and relaxing spot in the Yomitan village, about an hour's drive from the capital city, Naha.

Okinawa's long stretch of tropical islands are situated between mainland Japan and Taiwan. Although Okinawa is famed for the worldwide export of the martial art of karate and its central role in world war two, its main attractions are the gorgeous beaches and world-class diving spots.

The pristine islands are popular among the Japanese population, but international tourists are yet to discover the hidden beauty of Okinawa.

Type: Beach   Luxury
Location: Yomitan  Japan  East Asia
Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Gusuku Wall

Photo credit: Hoshino Resorts

Okinawa and the Blue Zone

Arriving at Japan's biggest tropical island, you immediately notice a completely different atmosphere here. Influences from Taiwan and China are mixed with the Japanese.

Okinawa is about feeling the fine sand between your toes, observing the beautiful blue waters, going snorkeling with sea turtles, doing yoga on the beach, and exploring the magical islands by bike.

The relaxed atmosphere may be one of the reasons why so many people 100 years and older live here. Okinawa is a famous Blue Zone, where people live longer than the national average. Apart from the slow life, the elderly Okinawans credit their incredible longevity to regular exercise and plant-based cuisine.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Exterior

Tokyo-based architect Rie Azuma was responsible for creating a modern concrete wall artwork that fences Hoshinoya Okinawa.

The contemporary twist on ancient Okinawan castle walls, known as gusuku, is indicative of the resort's respect for heritage and attention to detail.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Lush Garden

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Lobby

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Reception

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Restaurant

Exquisite Japanese Food

Hoshinoya Okinawa's dining hall takes a central place at the resort, offering a unique blend of Sicilian-Japanese cuisine.

The idea of using locally sourced ingredients for creating Sicilian dishes comes from the two islands' geographical and gastronomical similarities. Both places are famous for their seafood and citruses.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Beachfront Villas

The beachfront modern cube buildings contain a hundred villas.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Tin Guestroom Entrance

On one side, they are decorated by a lush garden filled with palm, cherry, and papaya trees, and on the other, the gorgeous horizon above the ocean.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Haru Room Interior

When you slide open the glass doors of your seafront home, you'll find an excellently designed minimalist interior with a sole bingata artwork breaking the dominance of the solid color walls.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Haru Room Sea View

Japanese designers are talented at finding the right balance to create harmonious spaces.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Private Sea View Balcony

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Fushi Room

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Fushi Japanese-Style Guest Room

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Dining Room

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Villa Sea View Private Dining

Each room has an indoor patio with a long wooden dining table facing the sea.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Resort Activity Studio

Morning Deep Breathing Based On Ryukyu Karate Class

Hoshinoya Okinawa Hotel Karate Lesson

The activity studio has a dojo where you can learn about Japanese martial art and train with your sensei.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Spa

After an exhausting karate class, you can take part in zen meditation - a technique rooted in Buddhist psychology - or have an acupressure treatment.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Infinity Pool At Sunset

Hoshinoya Okinawa Poolside Sun Loungers

Hoshinoya Okinawa Infinity Pool

Hoshinoya Okinawa Infinity Pool At Night

Hoshinoya Okinawa Poolside Lounge In The Evening

The poolside lounge has comfy sofas on a wooden platform in the middle of the water and cozy lights at night. It overlooks the glorious infinity pool that stretches towards the ocean. It's the best spot to watch the spectacular Okinawan sunsets.

Hoshinoya Okinawa Beach Horse Riding

Gima Beach, Okinawa, Japan

The Gima Beach is on an untouched natural coast of Okinawa, where abundant marine life lives around the colorful coral reefs. It's a beautiful protected area with a rocky landscape splitting the white sandy beaches from the native vegetation.

474 Gima, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0327, Japan