HOSHINOYA Tokyo - Luxurious Ryokan TowerHOSHINOYA  

Hoshino Resorts is one of Japan's famous hotel chains with 53 national and international locations of Japanese inns (ryokan) since 1904.

Their flagship brand, HOSHINOYA, specializes in high-class traditional design and hospitality mixed with modern comforts. They have eight properties (six in Japan, one in Bali, Indonesia, and one in Taiwan), but only one was built inside a major city.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo is in the city's business district - Chiyoda, a short walk from Tokyo Station on one side and the Imperial Palace on the other.

Type: Luxury   Spa
Location: Tokyo  Japan  East Asia

From afar, this 17-story building looks like any other highrise tower stretching to the sky, with its well-lit and slender structure.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel's Monolithic Black Exterior

But once you get close to the seemingly monolithic dark block, you realize its facade is made of delicate patterns that hide the plush interiors of the modern ryokan, like a veil over the bride's face.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Rickshaw Tour Experience
HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel's Facade

The hotel's theatrical entrance impresses at first sight. A lean and incredibly tall foyer leads to the reception, with bamboo shoeboxes stacked to the ceiling.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Theatrical Entrance

Once you change into the hotel's comfy slippers, you can enter the world of zen - a minimalist space of calming ambiance where traditional ryokan architecture meets the highest standards of luxury hotels.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Reception

Some parts of the hotel feel like a museum. If you dress in the kimonos they provide you upon arrival, you can immerse yourself in the ryokan experience by not standing out of the environment with your modern attire.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Rocks

Ochanoma Lounge

Each of the hotel's floors is home to six rooms and an exclusive lounge that resembles a ryokan where a communal space (ochanoma) functions as a living room. Hot and cold refreshments, origami papers to play with, and books on art & travel are available throughout your stay.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Ochanoma Lounge

Ochanoma Lounge can also turn into a tasting experience. The living room on the second floor from 5 to 7 pm offers free-flowing sake, Japanese wine, and snacks by the staff, who are ready to answer your questions that may end in a deeper discussion.

The hotel takes this as an opportunity to connect guests with their hosts - the knowledgeable staff.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Sake Tasting Experience

Dinners are prepped by the award-winning Executive Chef Noriyuki Hamada, whose molecular creations are based on seafood (as it is traditionally in the ryokans). His trademark is experimenting with a new style of French cuisine incorporating Japanese culinary techniques.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Restaurant

Breakfasts are delivered to your room in bentos, with pedantically separated sections of mouthwateringly pretty food.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Breakfast Bento Box

HOSHINOYA's 84 rooms are split into three styles: Yuri, Sakura, and Kiku. The first two are intended for solo travelers and couples with twin and double beds, while Kiku is nearly double in size and has three beds and a deep bathtub.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel YURI Guest Room

The hotel's floral-patterned facade adorns the building from the outside, creating a shadow play spectacle inside. As the light shines through the unique metal system facade (inspired by the shape of hemp leaves), it enters the interiors and dances with each move of the sun.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Double Bed Room

When the translucent sheets of shoji (traditional Japanese sliding doors) close the outside world, the room transcends into a peaceful sanctuary.


With a minimalist tatami-floored interior, soft lights, and soundproofed windows, HOSHINOYA's rooms are ready to charge your batteries before heading out to the bustling city life of the world's largest metropolis.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel SAKURA Twin Room

With the intense visuals of Tokyo blocked out, a bottle of Champagne delivered to your intimate space makes for a great start to discover the rest of the unique stimulants surrounding you. Open the wardrobe to release the fresh smell of bamboo in the air.

As you walk around your room, you will notice the tatami's pleasant surface soothing the bottom of your feet. All these stimulations of the different senses

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Champagne in the Room

Yet, it's not what makes HOSHINOYA Tokyo so unique. Head to the hotel's spa to find out why. On-site hot spring pools are rare in the city, let alone in the financial district.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Spa Hot Spring Ceiling

Otemachi Hot Spring Bath

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Spa Hot Spring Pool

Incredibly, the saline-rich thermal water is pumped up to the hotel's 17th floor from a depth of nearly 5,000 feet (1,500 meters).

The cave-like pool, with its calming wooden décor and dark walls, is a nod to the traditional onsen spas. As a result, the same rules apply here; if you have a tattoo, it must be covered by stickers provided by the staff.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Spa Hot Spring Pool Swim

One of the multiple cultural experiences at the hotel is the traditional tea ceremony workshop. While this is a paid activity, you can keep the handmade tea bowls and whisks you use during the class.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Hotel Tea Ceremony Workshop

One of HOSHINOYA's unique adventures is the sky-high morning kenjutsu practice. You can train to be a Japanese swordsman/woman on a rooftop overlooking Tokyo's skyline 525 feet (160 meters) above ground.

Sky-high Morning Kenjutsu Practice
1 Chome-9-1 Ōtemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan