Hotel Antumalal – Modern Design: Ancient JungleHotel  

Built in the 1940s in the Bauhaus style, this modern architecture is striking and functional. It looks wide awake with windows that open up the side of the building and encompass views of the beautiful habitats of Pucon. Manicured gardens blossom with local plants, trees and shrubs and you can wind your way through them to the stubbly shores of the swimming lake. The spa is in a space carved into the rock and offers treatments originating from a wide range of countries and also includes lymphatic draining which is a specialist massage treatment to help circulation and increase lymphatic flow; it’s good for you so don’t be put-off by the vampiric-sounding name. There are many activities on offer which the hotel’s own tour company will organize for you including the chance to explore lava-carved tunnels inside a volcano, a walk through ancient forests or a zip-wire canopy adventure. Horse back riding, kayaking and golf are also on the menu giving you a smorgasbord of fun times to choose from.

Type: Design   Nature   Spa
Hotel Antumalal and a volcano in the background
Hotel Antumalal in the middle of the Pucon nature
Little garden of Hotel Antumalal with view on the lake
Hotel Antumalal from below
Hotel Antumalal room with small private balcony
The view on the lake from Hotel Antumalal
Hotel Antumalal common room
The view on the lake from the common room of Hotel Antumalal
Hotel Antumalal fireplace
Hotel Antumalal windows to the lake
Hotel Antumalal room with fireplace and view to the lake
Bedside made from a tree trunk
Hotel Antumalal room with wooden furniture and fireplace
View to the lake from a room of Hotel Antumalal
Hotel Antumalal living room
Hotel Antumalal living room at night with fireplace
Hotel Antumalal fireplace
Hotel Antumalal wooden furniture
Hotel Antumalal restaurant
Hotel Antumalal terrace
Split inside and outside swimming pool
Hotel Antumalal swimming pool
Hotel Antumalal garden and swimming pool
View on the lake in Pucon
Pucon, Chile
Pucon lake
Pucon lake beach
Calle Km 2, Cmno Pucon Villarrica, Pucon, Temuco, Araucanía Region, Chile