Hotel Casa San Agustin - Hot Colombian Boutique HotelCasa  
San Agustin

This quaint hotel has been restored carefully with the needs of the cosmopolitan traveler in mind.

The three sun-gleamed buildings were built in colonial times, and original frescos and wood-beamed ceilings remain key features of the new design.

The location is the UNESCO World Heritage town of Cartagena de Indias which dates back to the 14th Century.

The town was an important port in the West Indies, bringing wealth into the city and causing Casas and grand buildings to be built and strong fortifications to defend the town from pirates.

Type: Design   Luxury
Hotel Casa San Agustin building
Hotel Casa San Agustin terraces
Colonial style building
Hotel Casa San Agustin lounge

The hotel’s restaurant features fresh seafood and local cuisines, which you can eat in the fresh outside air.

Hotel Casa San Agustin pool in the dining lounge
Hotel Casa San Agustin library
Hotel Casa San Agustin bar
Hotel Casa San Agustin room

The hotel has 24 rooms featuring specially commissioned furnishings and top-end bathroom products.

Premium room
Deluxe suite
Deluxe suite bathroom
Private pool
Sun deck

The courtyard is a perfect place to partake of a pink cocktail after a day at the beach or sightseeing.

Hotel Casa San Agustin swimming pool
Calle de la Universidad 36-44 Centro Historico, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia