Hotel Danieli - Legendary Venetian HotelHotel Danieli  

The legendary Venetian hotel was built at the end of the 14th-century by the Dandolos, a noble family of the era. It adjoins several other buildings constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Remarkable features like the pink facade with marble sills, white turrets, and balconies with pointed arches make it easy to recognize.

Although the name gives an impression of a single building, it's three different sections that have been divided between family members in the 16th-century. It has been welcoming guests since 1822, and during its long history, Hotel Danieli has been frequented by many notable artists, writers, and musicians. Among them were Goethe, Wagner, Charles Dickens, Byron, and Peggy Guggenheim.

The three palaces connected by covered bridges together have 204 guestrooms and suites, many of them facing the Venice lagoon. Elegant decorations reflect the rich cultural heritage of Venice. In addition, top Italian brands provide bath amenities to guarantee that you will be properly pampered.

The panoramic restaurant, Terrazza Danieli, offers amazing "Serenissima" views and an exquisite list of food and drink options for a romantic candle-lit dinner. The hotel overlooks the magical Venice lagoon with spectacular views of the Grand Canal and islands, with the St. Mark's Square only a short walk away.

Type: Luxury
Location: Venice  Italy  West Europe

The hotel's main building is the Palazzo Dandolo, close to St. Mark’s Square. The rear facade is on the Riva Degli Schiavoni's quayside promenade overlooking the Saint Mark's Basin.

Hotel Danieli Building Exterior


Hotel Danieli's centerpiece is the four-storied courtyard covered with arches in Byzantine Gothic style and leafy plants. The lobby's glass ceiling provides natural sunlight. The foyer leads to the open staircases with balustrades to the rooms and suites.

Hotel Danieli Lobby

Primo Piano Nobile

Hotel Danieli Primo Piano Nobile

Secondo Piano Nobile

Hotel Danieli Secondo Piano Nobile

Bar Dandolo Lounge

Hotel Danieli Bar Dandolo Lounge

Dandolo Room

Hotel Danieli Dandolo Room

Lagoon View Suite - Palazzo Danieli Excelsior

Hotel Danieli Lagoon View Suite Living Room - Palazzo Danieli Excelsior

Lagoon View Junior Suite - Palazzo Casa Nuova

Hotel Danieli Lagoon View Junior Suite - Palazzo Casa Nuova

Grand Dandolo Suite

Hotel Danieli Grand Dandolo Suite Salon

Doge Dandolo Royal Suite

Hotel Danieli Doge Dandolo Royal Suite - Salon

Hotel Danieli Doge Dandolo Royal Suite - Bedroom

Signature Suite

Hotel Danieli Signature Suite - Salon

Hotel Danieli Signature Suite - Salon

Hotel Danieli Signature Suite - Salon

Luxury Lagoon View Room

Hotel Danieli Luxury Lagoon View Room

Luxury Lagoon View Room With Furnished Balcony

Hotel Danieli Luxury Lagoon View Room With Furnished Balcony

Hotel Danieli Luxury Lagoon View Room Furnished balcony

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli

Candle-lit, romantic dinner at Restaurant Terrazza Danieli. The classic Venetian dishes are complemented by a fine selection of wines.

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli Candle-Lit Dinner

The restaurant's terrace is perched on the hotel's rooftop, and it offers a spectacular view of the Serenissima.

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli Terrace

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli Terrace Romantic Table For Two

Breakfast is served, and the panorama on the lagoons couldn't be any better!

Restaurant Terrazza Danieli Terrace Breakfast With View On Venice Lagoon

Riva degli Schiavoni, 4196, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy