Accommodation types: Design
Location: Chicago  USA  North America
Hotel EMC2 - Science And Art Fusion At A Luxury Hotel In Downtown Chicago
Hotel EMC2  

You might have guessed it from the name: this hotel is for all the geeks out there. Referring to Albert Einstein's famous equation, EMC2 is an art-and-science-themed hotel “geared toward both left- and right-brained guests” for a unique experience.

The concept behind EMC2 was inspired by Northwestern Chicago, where the hotel is located. As the hotel’s creator and project developer Scott D. Greenberg explained, “I thought about this area, next to Northwestern and the research labs and medical school and all this technology. I wanted a concept that would speak to that.”

The public spaces look like a crossover of an Art Deco interior and a science lab. There’s a Felix Guyon’s zoetrope in the reception that guests can set in motion, lights suspended by cords attached to weights and pulleys, and an impressive collection of jars and tubes in the restaurant. But with all the science-inspired décor, the interiors don’t feel cold or sterile. Quite the opposite, EMC2 is a welcoming and playful space, inviting guests to explore.

The turn-of-the-century décor in the rooms is stylish and goes well with stunning downtown Chicago views out your window. But don’t be mistaken: you’re still firmly in the 21st century here. The phonograph speakers are powered by smartphones, every room is equipped with Alexa, and the room service is performed by two robots, Cleo and Leo. This is a truly past-meets-future space.

Hotel EMC2 building
Hotel EMC2 facade and entrance
Hotel EMC2 Art
Hotel EMC2 Lounge
Hotel EMC2 Library and Restaurant
Hotel EMC2 Restaurant
Hotel EMC2 Bar
Hotel EMC2 Room with Open Shower
Hotel EMC2 Room
Hotel EMC2 Bedroom with Night Chicago View
Hotel EMC2 Bathroom
Hotel EMC2 Terrace
228 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
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