Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA - Amazing Tyrolean SpaHotel Klosterbräu  

Owned by the Seyrling family, Klosterbräu, a former 16th-century monastery, has been operational since 1516. That's over 500 years' worth of experience in hospitality! The 5-star Tyrolean wellness hotel is located in the Alps in the old farming village of Seefeld. The major touristic hotspot has some of the best skiing slopes in Austria. The region has been the venue for several Winter Olympics Games. It's also home to the best cross-country skiing. World champions are training here on over 245 kilometers of immaculately prepared cross-country ski trails.

Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA has something for everyone. There are 17 different rooms and suites to choose from. The 110 m2 Loft 500 has the wow factor you have been looking for. The private sauna has a panoramic view of Garden Eden, and it has its own 70 m2 balcony.

The 3.500 m² spa has not one but eight saunas you can enter to warm yourself up. There is a traditional Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, and a steam room, which we are all familiar with. The hand-carved "Heiss-Zeit" sauna is the biggest hit. The only thing that will keep you from staying longer to enjoy looking at the masterfully carved wooden surfaces is the 80-95 °C heat. Bread bake sauna has a name that might scare away a few, but it has a very pleasant 30-35 °C warmth inside for a long relaxing stay. The organic outdoor sauna is the right pick if you love to jump right into the fluffy snow after a hot session. Rasul Grotto is essentially a picturesque steam bath with colorful mosaics and a "starry night" ceiling.

In addition to the vast sauna world, the Vitalbistro has a winter garden and a spacious resting room. The highlight is the 500-years old monastery cellar, which has been transformed into a spectacular wine cellar with a spa relaxation area. Tea infusions and home-brewed beer is offered for free here to guests of the hotel.

There is an open fireplace by the indoor pool, and there are two pools more outside. In addition, 6-course-dinners are available at the Ritter-Oswald Stube restaurant, which is, of course, paired with some of the best wines in the world. In the Bräukeller Grill+Veggie, you can expect Tyrolean Tappas, meat & grill specialties, as well as an extensive vegetarian selection of dishes. The home-brewed organic beer in six different varieties is considered one of the best beers in Tyrol. The lifestyle interior is harmoniously embedded under the 500-year-old original monastery vaults.

Type: Luxury   Mountain   Spa
Location: Seefeld  Austria  West Europe
Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA Snowy Exterior
Hotel Klosterbräu Suite With Fireplace
Hotel Klosterbräu Room With Bathtub
Hotel Klosterbräu Suite Balcony
Hotel Klosterbräu Private Sauna
Hotel Klosterbräu Bathroom
Hotel Klosterbräu Spa Relaxation Room
Hotel Klosterbräu Spa
Hotel Klosterbräu Carved Wooden Sauna
Hotel Klosterbräu Sauna Spices
Hotel Klosterbräu Finnish Sauna
Hotel Klosterbräu Indoor Pool
Ritter-Oswald Stube Restaurant
Hotel Klosterbräu Breakfast Buffet
Hotel Klosterbräu Steakhouse Bräukeller & Grill
Hotel Klosterbräu Lounge With Fireplace
Hotel Klosterbräu Wine Cellar Dining
Hotel Klosterbräu Monastery Wine Cellar
Hotel Klosterbräu Snowy Outdoor Pool
Hotel Klosterbräu Summer View
Klosterstraße 30, 6100 Seefeld in Tirol, Austria