Hotel Welcome - Historic Townhouse In Brussels With Themed RoomsWelcome Hotel  

This hotel is built into a historic townhouse in Brussels. It has 17 themed rooms. Each one is decorated in the style of a location that gives you wanderlust.

There is the Congo Room with its impressive African art, statues of tribal gods, and dancing masks. Check out the Cuba Room, decorated in the colorful blues and lemon yellows of the island.

Or how about the Japan Room? It has a historic Kimono and is decorated in the philosophy of yugen (Japanese for grace and subtlety).

There are two suites: Silk Road and Egyptian. The Silk Road suite is made for famous magi. It has a double jacuzzi bath and a king-size bed and is draped in fine silks.

The Egyptian Suite has a sarcophagus, hieroglyphs on the wall, and a lounge area.

The attention to detail is what makes each room so fine. The hotel is in an excellent location, on a quiet street just north of Grand Place on the Marche aux Poissons.

Type: Design

Bali Suite

Hotel Welcome

Egypt Suite

Egypt Suite
Egypt salon
Egypt bathroom entrance
Egypt bathroom
Egypt bathroom interior

Cuba Suite

Cuba theme

India Suite

India theme
India door to bathroom

Zanzibar Suite


Silk Road Suite

Silk Road Suite
Silk Road Suite details

Istanbul Suite

Istanbul theme

Morocco Suite

Morocco theme

Tahiti Suite

Tahiti theme

Tibet Suite

Tibet theme
Quai au Bois à Brûler 23, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium