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Luxury camping in beautiful England

A delightful slice of rural England, Jollydays has the dubious honour of being the chalice that spawned Grazia magazine buzzword, “glamping” (a portmanteau created from “glamorous” and “camping”… I know). But don’t let that put you off. What you have here is a way to experience the fabulous English countryside with none of the usual camping bugbears. Each fine canvass dwelling is set in its own private area of woodland. Wake to the sound of birds and the smell of dew on grass. Your tent has a toasty wood burner, romantic lamps and a hot shower or bath. The whole complex is based on the latest eco design and powered by off-the-grid renewable energy sources. No English holiday would be complete without a plethora of activities to satisfy that protestant work-ethic – so expect to find yourself weaving baskets in a shady glen, at a potter’s wheel or riding a horse. Whatever you do you will have a fine time at Jollydays.

Jollydays tents in the woods
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Jollydays tent
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Buttercrambe Rd YO41 1AN, United Kingdom
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