Accommodation types: Luxury   Movie   Nature   Spa
Location: Sylte  Norway  West Europe
Juvet Landscape Hotel – Getaway Hotel From The Ex-Machina MovieJuvet  

Juvet is located far away from the densely populated world, 90 minutes drive from the closest Norwegian city, Ålesund. In the Ex-Machina movie, this stunning remote getaway was the property of a tech billionaire who experimented on human-like robots.

These rooms were specially designed to bring you as close to nature as possible while still shielding you from its cold winds and sharp-toothed citizens. The simple pine and glass constructions are built on metal stilts that can be pulled from the ground leaving no trace of any construction being there. So the landscape is completely unaffected by the development.

Your hut is simply furnished with just a bed, bathroom, and lounge chairs with ambient noise provided by the rush of the stream on the valley floor. The interior uses dark colors so your eye is drawn to the beauty beyond the glass partition. Some rooms look out over the valley to the fairy-tale mountain tops beyond and some are placed where moss-bearded rocks and calm trees create naturally-occurring Zen gardens.

The outdoor activities are many. You can ski, hike, and raft your way through the wilderness. Or visit sites where the boundary between legend and common experience is a little thinner. Dining, Lounge, and Spa facilities can be found in the beautifully restored historical farm buildings.

The platform leading to Juvet Landscape Hotel
The platform that leads to Juvet Landscape Hotel in winter
Snowy Norwegian landscape with the glass cabins of Juvet Landscape Hotel
Juvet Landscape Hotel
The glass cabins of Juvet Landscape Hotel
Juvet Landscape Hotel glass cabins with river view
Juvet Landscape Hotel from the inside
Juvet Landscape Hotel room with splendid nature view through the large glass window
Juvet Landscape Hotel room
Juvet Landscape Hotel Scandinavian bed in the room
Juvet Landscape Hotel minimalist bathroom
Juvet Landscape Hotel restaurant building set in the middle of nature
Juvet Landscape Hotel restaurant from the outside
Juvet Landscape Hotel restaurant interior
Juvet Landscape Hotel restaurant
Juvet Landscape Hotel restaurant exterior at night
Juvet Landscape Hotel spa exterior in winter full of snow
Juvet Landscape Hotel spa interior
Concrete walls of the spa corridor

The view from the sauna

The view from the sauna
Juvet Landscape Hotel spa terrace
Juvet Landscape Hotel spa terrace with jacuzzi
Juvet Landscape Hotel jacuzzi
View from the Juvet Spa
Naked woman jumps to the snow from after the sauna
Lying in the nature
Two girls at the top of the waterfalls
Cute girl collecting strawberries
Girl lying on the beach of a lake
Zip-lining above the crystal clear water of the lake
Rafting in the wild river
Climbing up the rock mountain
View on the beautiful nature from the top of the mountain
Red flowers on the top of the Norwegian mountain
Ski jump on the top of a snowy mountain
Juvet Landscape Hotel, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway
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