Kenoa Exlusive Beach Spa and Resort - A Synergy Of Artful TrappingsKenoa  

This hotel is located on a forgotten part of Brazil’s coastline - between a white sand beach and an environmental sanctuary. Architect, Osvaldo Tenorio, said he was inspired by nature’s “primitive forms and calming essences”.

The hotel does not have hundreds of rooms – just 23 villas and suites so you can have a private experience on a pristine beach. The design takes into account the eco-philosophies of today. The furniture was handmade from driftwood and reclaimed tree trunks. The restaurant uses locally grown produce for its menu. Blonde wood and light yellow bricks reflect the sunlight from your private pool.

The surrounding sanctuary offers shady seclusion. Your bathroom has a free-standing wooden tub and an open-air shower. Then there is the wine bar and lounge to relax in before dinner. The Spa is based on the elements of Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water and, like Captain Planet, offers to save you from pollution. Pollution – that is – of the body. The treatments will leave you detoxed and full of happy thoughts.

Kenoa Resort
Kenoa Resort building
Kenoa Resort building at night
Kenoa Resort facade
Kenoa Resort inner yard
Kenoa Resort inside restaurant
Kenoa Resort dining
dining on balcony
Kenoa Resort lounge
Kenoa Resort bottom to ceiling glass window room
sea view room
bed on wooden stairs
bathroom with sea view
bedroom with bottom to ceiling glass with sea view
balcony view
wooden bathtub
private terrace
garden with pools
garden beach view
long deserted beach
pools and beach
pools and beach at night
pools at night
Kenoa resort
Rua Escritor Jorge de Lima nº 58 - Barra Mar, Barra de São Miguel - AL, 57180-000, Brazil