L'Hotel Paris - The First Boutique Hotel In The WorldL'Hôtel  

A heated debate among hoteliers would commence after questioning which was the world's first boutique hotel. However, L'Hotel in Paris is a likely candidate for this prestigious title. To understand why we have to go back in time.

Paris is not a cheap city. Usually, it ranks among the top 10 most expensive places to live, and that is reflected by the hotel prices.

The good news, however, is that fierce competition dictated quality standards are unusually high. Parisian hotels require special attention to detail and a great deal of hospitality to satisfy the ever-growing needs of tourists.

Type: Design   Luxury
Location: Paris  France  West Europe
L'Hotel Paris Building View Outside Entrance

So what sets L'Hotel apart from the rest? Let's start with the building's heritage.

L'Hotel Paris Dome

It was constructed nearly 200 years ago by Célestin-Joseph Happe in 1828.

L'Hotel Paris Lounge

The hotel was Oscar Wilde's home, and he died at the early age of 46, spending his last days in room number 16. The famous Irish poet died in 1900, and a plaque on the building's facade commemorates his life.

L'Hotel Paris Boudoir Photo

Apart from Oscar Wilde, a long list of famed people resided at Hôtel d'Alsace (the hotel's former name), including American actor Marlon Brando, French actress/singer Mistinguett, Polish movie director Roman Polanski, American actor Robert de Niro, and the list goes on.

Normally if a place attracts big names, it's for a good reason. L'Hotel perfectly fits the criteria for boutique hotels with only 20 rooms and a five-star rating.

Legend has it that Queen Margot frequented the hotel as she indulged in several love affairs and desperately needed a pretty love nest. So perhaps the reception's Cupid emblem is a reference to past events.

L'Hotel Paris Cheese And Figs Appetizer

L'Hotel Paris Handcrafted Peach Cocktail

The old-French fashioned interiors exude both soul and charm. A perfect Martini cocktail with an Oscar Wilde novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, in hand in a dark corner of the hotel is an expressive visualization of this.

L'Hotel Paris Selection Of French Pastries

L'Hotel Paris Wilde's Lounge Music Evening

L'Hotel Paris Iconic Staircase

The hotel's iconic spiral staircase connects six floors of true Parisian romantic hideaways.

L'Hotel Paris Dome From Above

Today, each of the twenty rooms is as romantic as you would expect from a hotel in the heart of the city of love. The eclectic yet elegant rooms are filled with personality, and none are the same.

L'Hotel Paris Suite Model Woman

Art deco or 19th-century boudoir styling? You will find your expectation here. The exquisite and immaculate interior design is the work of Jacques Garcia.

L'Hotel Paris Oscar Wilde Suite

Oscar Wilde Suite

The historic Oscar Wilde Suite is fitted with antique furniture, including a vintage bureau plat if you get inspired suddenly and feel the urge to write.

The 377 square feet (35 square meters) suite has a large private terrace, and if you book it, you'll get a complimentary breakfast and an hour to yourself in the hotel's Hammam pool.

L'Hotel Paris Grand Suite

Grand Suite

L'Hotel Paris Fine Bathroom Details

L'Hotel Paris Bijoux Suite

Bijoux Suite

L'Hotel Paris Chic Suite

Chic Suite

L'Hotel Paris L'Apartment Suite


L'Apartment is the hotel's most spacious suite spreading 484 square feet (45 square meters) of space, plus it has a private balcony overlooking the Parisian rooftops and the bell tower of Saint Germain-des Prés.

L'Hotel Paris L'Apartment Suite With Private Balcony

L'Hotel Paris L'Apartment Suite Private Balcony Couple Drinks

L'Hotel Paris L'Apartment Suite Private Balcony

L'Hotel Paris L'Apartment Suite Private Balcony With View On Parisian Rooftops

L'Hotel Paris Staircase To The Spa

The spa at the hotel isn't ordinary either. While you cannot hop in anytime you like, as you have to make an appointment, L'Hotel's hidden relaxation space is something unique.

L'Hotel Paris Hammam Pool

A spiraling staircase leads down to the haven where you can spend a private session of uninterrupted unwinding.

L'Hotel Paris Steam Room

There is a brick-laden hammam pool dotted with candles and a steam room.

L'Hotel Paris Garden With A Shell Fountain

The hotel's location couldn't be any better. It's a street away from the River Seine, and the Pont des Arts bridge full of love locks takes you to the world-famous Louvre Museum.

13 Rue des Beaux Arts, 75006 Paris, France