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Hotel La Claustra - Former Army Fortress In The Swiss Alps
La Claustra  

Forget about simply visiting the Swiss Alps; now you can actually stay in a former army fortress that is nestled within the rocky face of the mountain. La Claustra in Switzerland is a treasure trove of discovery and uniqueness extended in an area of 4000 m2. Here you will find an atmosphere like no other place. Be sure to split your time between soaks in a Jacuzzi bath, meals in a great dining ambiance, and views of the pristine greenery and slate grays rock formations of the Swiss Alps. You can enjoy the scenery of the seasonal pool as well.

If you are seeking a getaway to accommodations that encompass the natural beauty of Europe and the extraordinary, then La Claustra is the ideal blend. Great wine, delectable food, and a cozy environment await you - if you are not afraid to stay underground - all with the allure of being housed in a one-of-a-kind mountain resort!

Hotel La Claustra in the Swiss Alps
Hotel La Claustra main gate entrance
Hotel La Claustra catacomb
Hotel La Claustra cave interior
Hotel La Claustra dining room

Photo by FJMeier

Hotel La Claustra dining room and lounge
Hotel La Claustra lounge chairs
Hotel La Claustra cave room
Hotel La Claustra corridor
Hotel La Claustra spa
Hotel La Claustra spa bath
Hotel La Claustra and Swiss Alps
Via S. Gottardo, 6780 Airolo, Switzerland
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