Accommodation types: Design
Location: Brisbane  Australia  Oceania
Limes Hotel
Limes Hotel  

The Limes Hotel in Brisbane, Australia is the peak of chic. Alexander Lotersztain, an award-winning local artist, designed the interior to be minimalist yet striking and it buzzes with contemporary energy. The hotel fits right into its up-and-coming neighborhood, just minutes from Brisbane’s central business district. It has a rooftop bar-and-cinema that sits on top of the building like a cocked trilby. Film nights run regularly and give you the chance to see great movies under the stars in the warm Australian nights. The stylish bar is open either side of the film screenings so there is a chance for you to taste drinks by top mixologists while watching your movie. The hotel’s sophisticated setting has attracted all the local trendsetters and the rooftop bar is host to Jazz Nights, Cocktail Courses and exclusive parties with the hottest djays. Your room has all the 5-star conveniences plus a soundsystem, ipod dock, connoisseur’s espresso machine and did I mention your own courtyard? With a hammock swinging lazily in the middle? Score.

142 Constance St Brisbane QLD 4006, Australia
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