Maidla Nature Resort - Estonia's Wild Nature VillasMaidla  
Nature Resort

Less than an hour's drive from Tallinn, a unique nature resort awaits those who want pristine wilderness around them in avant-garde treehouses.

Estonia, the rapidly developing Baltic state, is famous for its high-tech industry and pristine nature.

The country that invented Skype has one of the best Internet connections in the world, and digital nomads can become e-residents in a matter of a few clicks.

So, it would be logical if all this state-of-the-art-ness was also embraced in their architecture.

Type: Nature
Location: Maidla  Estonia  East Europe

Maidla Nature Resort delivers on this promise and more. The bold Scandinavian styling of their treehouses and Estonia's famous fifth season (when the flooding happens between winter and spring) make for a unique getaway.

It's a place where you can go for a fairytale-like kayaking trip among Estonia's strikingly green flora or skinny dipping after a session in your private sauna.

Maidla park nature

The resort's 16th-century manor estate is home to the SOO Restaurant, one of Estonia's top restaurants where fine dining happens in a cozy atmosphere.

Maidla Nature Resort Restaurant

So, you can relax and let the head chef, Daanius Aas, introduce his crazy culinary ideas while sipping a quality glass of wine.

Maidla Nature Resort Food

Nature Villa KASEKE

Maidla's three small treehouses are embedded in a lush forest surrounded by bogs. A different architect designed each one, and there are plans to increase their number to eight.

The 237 square feet (22 square meters) KASEKE is an award-winning boutique villa with a rooftop terrace.


A wooden platform elevates the whole structure, comforting people who fear the crawlies. The platform then step-by-step transforms into a rooftop terrace as you walk up.

Nature Villa KASEKE

The triangle-shaped bedroom faces floor-to-ceiling windows and a centrally positioned fireplace.

Nature Villa KASEKE Bedroom

It's such a magical setup you will hardly want to move out.

Nature Villa KASEKE Fireplace swamp view

The terrace is positioned at the edge of the thick forest so that you can feel part of nature.

Nature Villa KASEKE Rooftop Terrace

Nature Villa KÄBI

The second treehouse is just as striking as KASEKE, but instead of the quirky rooftop terrace, KÄBI has castle-like turrets.

Nature Villa KÄBI

They have functional roles, as one is a chimney, and the other brings the light inside through its glass top.

Nature Villa KÄBI Exterior

The unusual cladding creates a snakeskin effect.

Nature Villa KÄBI Night Sky

The resort's adults-only and no Wi-Fi concept promises a relaxing environment free of distractions from human interaction and connection with nature.

Nature Villa KÄBI Bedroom

The window-facing bed is your new large screen, where the joy comes from noticing the tiny details of the beautiful Estonian landscape and spotting wildlife.

Nature Villa KÄBI Window-Facing Bed

KÄBI's tower lets in some extra light through the ceiling windows. It's a work of art, plus it's functional.

Nature Villa KÄBI Tower Ceiling Hole

The bathroom is boutique-hotel-level quality with beauty products and plush towels.

Nature Villa KÄBI Silver Bathroom Shower

KÄBI has a roofed outdoor terrace protected by walls from both sides and an extension that ends with a hot tub.

Nature Villa KÄBI Terrace

One of the top reasons to rent the KÄBI villa is experiencing an outdoor hot tub that extends into the forest and illuminates it at night.

Nature Villa KÄBI Plunge Pool

During the night, all you will hear is the bubbling noises of the hot tub and nature's sounds. Scary or wonderful? You'll be the judge, but one thing is for sure; it's an unforgettable and intense experience.

Nature Villa KÄBI Plunge Pool In The Darkness Of The Night

Nature Villa POKU

POKU is the largest treehouse, with 538 square feet (50 square meters) of space. It's so spacious that it has a sauna inside.

Nature Villa POKU

Although you could mistake it for a traditional African round hut, its name comes from Maidla's distinctive terrain; tussock sedges, also known as pokus.

Nature Villa POKU Building Frontal

The interior is split into sections of relaxation, relaxation, and more relaxation. By the window, on a swing chair, or comfy armchairs.

Nature Villa POKU Living Room

POKU's large windows overlook the scenic wetland.

Nature Villa POKU Bedroom

Even the traditional hot stone sauna has a window, and it's bigger than many hotel rooms.

Nature Villa POKU Sauna
Nature Villa POKU Hot Stone Finnish Sauna

The swamps of Raplamaa (Rapla County).

Nature Of Raplamaa
Maidla mõis 1, Maidla, 79408 Rapla maakond, Estonia